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May 2, 2007
what is it with this txt mesaging, kids dont even have to know how to spell now days, odrgesrgeorgeorgeosresorgseorigeig you know what i said ? i shure dont but were like are folks when rock and roll came about, swinging hips of elves banned from the airwaves, that was stupid to now days and the things going on now, theres no stop in it, im a class of 1985 and im like my folks OMG look at this **** going on
i alwase wondered why the old folks passed away early
The dumbing down of society. They can't add, subtract, multiply or divide without a calculator. Can't spell. But they are a lot smarter than we are, just ask them.
I get text messages all the time from my kids and now my wife is getting as bad as they are. A lot of times I don't have the time to send them a reply or won't send them a reply because I'm driving. I keep telling them-Look, you have the dang thing in you hand-hit your speed dial number for "Dad" and talk to me. Or dial the 7 numbers that make up my cell phone number. If I want to read a book, I'll go to the Library!
I'm with ya' Dutch, just use the darn thing as it was originally intended... AS A PHONE!
I third that! My phone started making this strange sound and it wasn't the phone ringer. Then it stopped. Took me about 3 minutes to determine it was a text message. Took me another 2 minutes to figure out how to delete it. Next time I get a txt mssg,,,,,
Man I agree 100 % . My son is constantly text messaging.
He even started it with me. Man pick up the phone and dial the number and we'll talk.
The extent of my text messaging is getting love notes from the wifey while I'm at work. But it's nothing to the extent of what kids are doing nowadays. I'm reminded of that TV commercial where mom calls her daughter to talk about the phone bill cause she's running it up with all those text messages. Sometimes I wish there were subtitles for kids in real life.
On my plan my wife and I don't have text -we wouldn't use it - but the boys have it and they use it - to me it's easier to "type" 7 numbers and speak
I agree with all of you....but I think we're showing our age
Kinda like listening to our parent's gripe about that new fangled ATARI game.
I love to mess them up when they make change. Say the bill is $5.50, I will
give them a ten and when they punch that in and the register gives the change amount $4.50 I will quickly give them a one so I get $5.50. The look on their face is priceless and they don't have a clue. The people in line behind me probably don't like it because it really slows down line. I get $2 bills for my
travel pay from the VA and the fun you can have with them is a whole nuther
When my son got his first cell he used to text all the time. His girlfriend is not suposed to talk on the phone when she's working (She's a prison guard) so they'd text back and forth (what's the diffrerence? Beats me!) anyway - I called him a few times and didn't get an answer and it was very impotant but didn't want to leave a scarey message so I tried to text him. Well I don't know how it works exactly but I sent what I thought was MOM and he'd call me back when he could.

An hour latter no answer so again I sent MOM

nothing ...

Again I sent MOM

after about three hours he freaked out! Not knowing what was going on he called me and said "
"Ma something weird is going on three times someone texed me and all that was there was ... 6 6 6 " What do I do? "

I though WOW that's scarey! I said "I messaged you three times too but I just sent MOM - Opps!"

I sent the numbers not the letters. I am not alowed to text message anymore!
And have ya heard, there's these new things, computers, there everywhere, and people go on them and go to these places called forums....
I agree on all points. Before you know it, they'll have a language all to themselves. And they think it's something THEY came up with, give'm a shot of morse code and see how bright they are. Blackberry used to be a fruit, now it's a dumb thumb device. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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