Another 3D print

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holy crap, i know nothing about 3D printing or the costs involved, I was thinking of buying one of these for $13.00 on amazon.

The program to slice the stl files gives an approx amount. This one was $3 worth of filament.
Wow A lot more affordable than 20 years ago when we had some prototype pieces made up.

Used to be involved in the injection molding and die casting industries. The cost of the products were actually very inexpensive. Recovering the Engineering and tooling costs was another story.
The real cost is from the person who builds the 3d part with a cad program. It takes a while to built the correct model and maybe 5 to 10 iterations to get it the way you want it. That's why many of the sites one downloads parts from ask to tip the builder.
The bobbin tree is done, I finally used up some of the extra filaments.

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