Another 321 success story

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Feb 24, 2007
key west, fl
The 321 is fantastic. I bought 3 racks of spares but only had room for 2 on my ecb. Marinated them overnight in white cranberry/strawberry juice, it's all I had around. Did the pat dry, dry rub, 3 hours at 225 or so, then foil with an ounce or two of oj for two hours, then naked in the smoker, but didn't go the full hour because the bones were already pokin' out on the fat end of the rack. Drizzled honey and apple cinammon BBQ sauce for the last bit. I plated them and literally pulled clean bones out of the rack! Incredible ribs! Neighbors are getting awefully nice these days, especially when they smell smoke. Thanks to you all for my education.

apple/cinn. bbq sauce=
Thanks Hillbilly, you're right. BTW I love WVA, spent a lot of time there....went to college in Harrisonburg, next door.
I don't have pics from this one. It was blowing so hard yesterday I was busy catching patio chairs and beagles flying around me.
Snoopy got the scraps! The beagles and I have a deal....if they get 10% of whatever I make, they won't "R,U,N,N,O,F,T". So far it's worked like a dream, although once in a great while they'll catch a scent and skee-daddle. Can't blame them, they're hounds. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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