An odd pizza I make

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Feb 7, 2012
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I have been making this pizza for a while now and it is a big hit with everyone who is brave enough to try it. Most make funny faces when they hear the ingredients but they work together well. 

I made a small one hear for the girlfriend to try the other day and it turned out great and is now being requested to be made again tonight but in a bigger version.

Toppings are
alfredo sauce

pinched sausage cooked up

sauerkraut (fresh home made)

dill pickle slices

pinches of cream cheese

mozzarella cheese
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Sounds pretty good. Really good actually, nice combo of flavors that I'll bet balance really well. That's thinking out of the (delivery) box!! Thanks for sharing.
Don't precook your sausage.  I have a friend who had their own pizza place and they told me that you lose a lot of flavor if you precook the sausage.  Yours looks mighty good and I would definitely try it.

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Thanks for the tip I will give it a try and see how it turns out, just worried about the sausage not cooking all the way through in time.  I guess I will find out, there is talk about making the pizza again tonight.
I make mine that way all the time and never a problem. It really does make a difference.
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It sounds good. I can't help but think some Smokey Pastrami would go Perfect on that Pizza...JJ
I have to ask...what do smoked dill pickle slices taste like? Sounds interesting..ummmm

Wow and I thought my pizza was crazy, DUDE, that sounds good to me!

My Favorite

Hawaiian Pizza with Hot Peppers and Anchovies, whenever my wife order this, they ask if she's pregnant.
I would like a slice please! 

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