Amish Farmer

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    An Amish farmer, walking through his field, notices a man kneeling down and drinking from his farm pond.
    The Amish farmer shouts, "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen." (Which means: "Don't drink the water, the cows crap in it".)

    The kneeling man shouts back, angrily, "I'm a Muslim, I don't
    understand you. I speak Arabic and English. If you can't speak in the sacred
    tongue of Islam, speak to me in English."

    The Amish farmer replies, "Use two hands, you'll get more."
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    Right on bro...right on.
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    hit the nail right on the head there
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Das is good, p-ssed muh pants,real good

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