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bud's bbq

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 22, 2007
Ada, MI
We are heading out Wednesday morning for our 2nd comp located in middle Tennessee. This one is big time: Ray Lampe -"Dr. BBQ", Bill and the Dixie Chicks, Mike and Debbie Davis "Lotta Bull" are all top teams who will be there. ...among other big names. Supposed to be 104 in the shade! We just hope we meet good people; see my best friend of 30 years; and not finish last!

Will report back along the way.
Shoot Bud you and Theresa will do just fine I have all the confidence in the world backing you. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun don't forget to show a lot of pics.

I forgot to ask is BBQ Bubba going along to.

Sadly, Bubba's work schedule does not allow.....we need Steve!!

Broken Arrow, thanks and we will post the progress.

Our daughter and husban from Raleigh area are coming over and my best friend of a thousand years lives in lebannon and will be joining us.

Family Q comp!!
I know your probably gettin ready to hit the road but i wanted to say good luck. It is KILLING me to have to miss this comp but you'll be fine. Remember, have fun and keep COOL!, gonna be a scorcher. We'll be back together in Silver Lake!
Best of luck to you Bud and Theresa! You guys will do great, I can feel it in my bones! Sure wish I were closer, I'd love to be there...

Now, go kick some serious BUTT!
Well, were more than half way there. Stopped for the night in Shephersville KY for the night and will finish up the drive tommorow am..about 3 hours.

OMG!!!!!!! It's so hot here...104* and there saying it's gonna be even hotter in Lebanon, starting to get really concerned. The local news here is saying some folks are literally dying from this heat.....yikes
Good Luck Bud and Theresa!!!! Thanks for the reports and please post more ... also, pix if you can. I still think of trying out one of those but I think it would be best to apprentice with someone first. Wish I were closer too. I'd be there cheering you on. Again, Good luck!!
Bill, you are always welcome at the Smokin' Scotsmen. If we get down your way or you can find your way to the mid west, please join us for a cook!!
Good Luck guys and keep the ice chest full sounds like your going to need it. Wrap a wet rag around your neck and keep it cold if you can. Don't want you gus to get sick now! Be careful and come back safe and winners!
Just an update, spoke with Bud n Tonto tonite, 112* in the shade today, most of the 60 teams are already there but looks like a ghost town, to hot to even visit!! Wish i was there but thinking maybe i'm glad i'm not! I really feel for you folks in this heat wave.
Gypsy, if you end up that way, maybe take a couple gatorade's for my teammates, keep you updated
gatorade- bloody 'ell i'll bring them 2 coolers & 50 lbs of ice & some real scorcher(don't ever try to quench your thirst in the heat- that'll kill you)drinks- another post- i just got a thermo for outside- was still 104 on my deck @ 6pm- i can smell the thin blue & it ain't even lit.....
p.s. i really want to go to this but if the heat don't break tommorow(expecting a cold front of 94)ain't no way i can take the baby out in that....wally world & lowe's today was bad enough... it was 101 @ 10 am... i'll try to make it don myself if i can... to support the smokin'(swelterin',slobberin',dyin' in the heat) scotsmen team.
Bud & Tonto, I KNOW y'all will do good! Just do what you do, nothing fancy needed. Those other teams put their pants on the same way you do. Stay cool.
Smoke 'em 'til who laid the chunk!
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