Alum Pot fix???

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
I bought a "turkey" fryer a few yrs ago. Pot made out of alum, I'm bett'n. Wanted to boil some corn to vac seal and save for winter time......but pot has a leak right in the bottom. Does anyone know how to fix this?.......besides weld'n w/alum rod? JB weld?

Any help very appreciated.

There are aluminum brazing rods available at welding supply stores. you only need a propane plumber's torch to use them. You'll need to brush well w/ a stainless steel brush or it won't take. Welding would be next to impossible, and JB Weld won't take the temps.

The good news is that you don't need to boil or even blanch corn in order to freeze it. The sugars will keep better if you don't. Some types of corn varieties freeze better than others. For best results, look for "shrunken 2 " hybrids. Super triple sweet hybrids freeze second best.

Cutting the kernels from the cob is another good way to preserve the corn flavor in the freezer, and it takes a lot less space.

I'm an expert at eating corn,oink oink,wheeeeeeeee!
So we should just clean it then vac pac and freeze? Sounds like a winner to me. We're gonna keep it on the cob, kids like it that way.

Try'n the jb weld.......don't expect it to last.........or even work.

What a POS! Hole in less than 5 yrs! Man, that makes me mad! I gotta get somethin ready for fall when we have a crawdad/shrimp boil for pheasant season. Dadgumit!!!
Actually, there's a lot of sugar in the silk. Each silk is connected to a kernel, the husk helps prevent freezer burn. I usually just trim the ends so that it will fit sideways in a 1 gal zloc, and freeze. It seems to clean up easier after a while in the deep freeze, plus, it's one thing to clean up enough for one feed, it's another thing altogether to clean up a bushel or two in ione setting.
Thanks for the help Clyde. You do realize that this goes against EVERYTHING my Mom did. We used to clean it, boil it, then cut off the cob. Now think'n bout cutt'n "wormy" end off and freeze'n.

I don't grow sweet corn anymore, local kids do it and sell it for $4/dozen. Great kids, give them a $5 tip each time I buy some....usually buy 2-5 dozen at a time.

First time of freeze'n and want good corn for X-mas. Can't beat it!

We'll try some "ruff" and see how it is come December.

Thanks Clyde.
Glad to be of service! Maybe I'll get some reputation power around here eventually.

BTW, I don't even worry about the worms until I thaw them. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.