Alternative Door Sealing Materials? Wool or Polyester Felt?

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    I am trying to come up with a cheaper way to seal my old refrigerator smoker door (it has a latch). The silicone and fiberglass stove seals materials at 3 to 4 bucks a foot seem expensive.

    I was looking at a Big Green Egg today and the seal on that looked like some sort of felt (anyone know exactly what that material is?). And that got me thinking about wool felt.

    Grainger has both wool and polyester felt strips for pretty cheap. 10 feet of 1/2 thick by 1 inch wide polyester is $7.32.

    It is adhesive backed and the polyester is rated to 300 degrees while the wool is rated to 200. I have read that wool does not ignite unit 600 degrees, and polyester 560, so why the low temps, I do not know. Obviously polyester will melt at some temp, so maybe wool would be better? Maybe at higher temps wool gets brittle? I read that is can actually be used up to 250 if it is regularly allowed to regain its natural moisture (i.e. it can't be sustained at 250 for indefinite periods of time)

    Anyone have any thoughts about this? Other options to consider?

    Thanks for your opinions

  2. I have seen a fireplace door gasket (rope and silicone) at Home Depot, Menards, etc... That is cheap and should work. I took the higher end and did the braided steel oven door gasket. $60 for 25'

    no glue or silicone needed, but a tiny hole drilled every 2-3"

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