Al's Wifes Rye Bread and New Toy

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Aug 1, 2018
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SmokinAl SmokinAl wife, Judy gave me her Rye Bread recipe. Man is this good! Just what I been wanting. Better than my rye sourdough and ready in few hours. Give Judy big thanks Al.

20210709_165451.jpg 20210709_165609.jpg 20210710_061117.jpg

My buddy got this flat top and liked it so I had to get it. First cook went well. $120 well spent I think.

20210710_055740.jpg 20210710_055744.jpg 20210710_060852.jpg 20210710_061040.jpg 20210710_061138.jpg
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That's a very good looking breakfast. Good job on the bread too. What brand and model flat top did you buy? Thanks.

Nice breakfast! I'm curious about that flat top too. Info please.
It is VEVOR 22" Electric Countertop Flat Top Griddle 110V 3000W Non-Stick Commercial Restaurant Teppanyaki Grill Stainless Steel Adjustable Temperature Control 122°F-572°F

It says 3000 watts. I told my friend when he bought no way you can use 3000 watt on a normal 20 amp breaker. After he got it it says on plate 1600 watts. Took a good 30 minutes to pre heat. I set it to 180 C which is 350. Do not need to season.
To try and satisfy my wife's insistence on having one, I looked at the 2 that I mentioned. They look very much alike, as does the Vevor, and are probably made in the same factory. In the end, she bought a Blackstone E series from Walmart and I don't care for it at all.
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Thanks again. I just have to justify buying other words. Convince the boss we need it!
It getting so hot now just not enjoyable to cook on blackstone. I do have the one that sits on top of whole stove but the controller on this one going to be nice.
Beautiful looking loaf and a five brekky Brian, Like! I was all set for Saturday brekky off the BS flattop out on the patio this morning. Woke to find we had a dust storm roll thru last night, one of the joys of living in the dessert, Glad I have a gas powered blower, there's work to do. RAY
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Nice job Brian!
Judy was real happy that you liked her recipe!
Awesome looking breakfast!
BTW, that bread really makes a good Reuben.
Nice job Brian!
Judy was real happy that you liked her recipe!
Awesome looking breakfast!
BTW, that bread really makes a good Reuben.
A loaf normally last me a while. Only eat bread for breakfast on weekends. This was so good I about ate the whole thing all ready! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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