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Original poster
Mar 12, 2007
Here in Hawaii...smokin is alive and well!
I will be building a smoke rooom shortly and was wondering what is the best wood to build with?
some woods have resins/o.acids/treatments in the wood,all which i would like to avoid heheh

also I have heard of someone "treating" the inside of thier smoker with sugar water/molassas,is this true

will be doin my 1st brining/smokin combo on some ahi
whats up Keawe, good to see someone from Hawaii on the forum..what island are you on. i'm in Hilo. most make their smoke houses here in hawaii that i know of out of roof iron..i have never heard of treating the inside of a smoker like that may work i don't know..give it a try.. good luck on your ahi..your going to love it here great bunch of folks lots of help...

aloha no
Welcome aboard! I don't have an answer for you, but someone will come along shortly with one I'm sure. This is a very knowledgeable site, kick back and start reading!!!
I think the general rule on building smokehouses is to build with the longest lasting wood that is available in your area. I shouldn't matter a lot about the oils and resins in the wood as you are not going to burn the house down (hopefully). It will matter though it you build from a type of wood that decays quickly. I know in this area the old time smokehouses were built from cypress.
keawe, Welcome to SMF. Any of the hardwoods should be good to use. If you're going to build a frame and then cover the frame with metal you could get away with using pine or fir. I would make sure that the wood was well seasoned before using. One of our smokehouses was framed out using redwood that then covered with aluminum sheeting. The smokehouse was in use for nearly 30 years until we lost the building due to a fire (not related to the 2 smokehouses).
Eh keawe,
Howzit??? I just hooked up couple days ago. Living in Everett, WA and been on the west coast since 1960. I do lots of local style cooking; kalua, lau-lau, lomi salmon, huli-huli pig and chicken, kalbi... in other words... any kind. Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portugese etc.

I ordered a "fancy" bbq pit , small backyard with some mods. Right now I have a makeshift horzontal smoker but it no work so good. Can't keep the temp constant and requires plenty attention with the fire. So I hope to learn on this forum.

Right now I use alder plus mequite lump charcoal for huli-huli and smoking. My cuz in AZ wants me to come down and cut mesquite and bring it up here. At the price of diesel, be cheaper if I buy some other hardwoods by the bag. I wish I could get the keawe charcoal or wood from home.

My son and I did a huli-huli pig at the Seahawk/Redskins game 2 weeks ago. Best Tailgate in Seattle!

I be going home next week for a memorial service and will be in Honolulu for several days... do you know of any real kind bbq joints in town?

K'den. Malama pono a hui hou,

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