Almost bought a Lang 84 today,

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by smok'n steve, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. smok'n steve

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    Almost bought a Lang 84 today,

    I went to check it out, had $2050 cash ready to get this older 84 deluxe, but the baffle had so much rust on top and bottom of it that I felt I would need to cut it out and replace it, offered the guy $150 less to pay for my steel, and he flipped out on me.

    This guy claimed to be a BBQCircuit champion, but man, I could have pulled out 2 gallons of flaked rust off the baffle alone. He claimed that I was stupid because I don't put peanut oil on the "outside" of my smokers after every cook? Ever heard of that? Anyway, I tried to explain to him that I put oil on the inside to "prevent" rust and occasionally oil the firebox because it gets so hot, the paint burns off. Needed tires, sandblasting, and a new baffle.

    Sorry no pics, I think he would have shot me if I tried to take pics!

    I bet he likes rust flakes with his pork butts for breakfast!!! LOL

  2. white cloud

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    to bad it didn't work out for ya steve
  3. Steve, you are supposed to rub peanut oil all over YOU, not the cooker.
  4. pineywoods

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    Steve sorry it didn't work out but keep looking you'll find one.
  5. ryf

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    peanut oil in this day and age? gotta be careful with that one.... (assuming he cooks for others) for some reason this allergy has been getting more and more prevalent with kids, so be careful with its use.

    Peanut Oil is actually a nice high smoke point oil for cooking, I use it in my kitchen all the time, its also popular in deep fryers because of that smoke point. I don't know that using it to season a smoker is worth anything as it WON'T burn on until its mixed with something else or the smoker is really hot.

    for example..When extra-virgin olive oil is heated above 400°F it smokes, refined Peanut oil goes to 450°F before it does.... you would actually be better off using unrefined Canola oil, (around 225°F) to season a smoker, as it would take alot less heat/wood to burn in/off the liquid. I'm adding a link to a basic guide so you can get a feel for what different oils smoke at. Linky

    all that said, IMO, your better off without the peanut machine, good price or not, it would be hard to guarantee you cleaned well enough to not be dangerous later.
  6. RYF, super point and Texas - dang, what a bad deal that was - who knew?

    Good News! [​IMG] I had to look this up, this is what I found -

    QWill peanut oil cause allergic reactions for people with peanut allergy?

    AResearch has shown that refined peanut oil will not cause allergic reactions for the overwhelming majority of peanut allergic individuals, and if anyone does suffer a reaction it is likely to be mild. However, unrefined (crude) peanut oil is more likely to cause symptoms.

    The research was published in the British Medical Journal in 1997. Under strict medical surveillance, 60 peanut allergic adults were fed refined peanut oil and also unrefined (crude) peanut oil. As a result, six of them suffered allergic reactions to the crude oil, but these were only mild reactions. None reacted to the refined oil.

    The research was funded by the London-based Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association (SCOPA), and carried out by a team of prominent Southampton researchers whose work is known to be of a high quality. All papers published in the BMJ are subject to thorough scrutiny by peer groups.
  7. another little known fact about panut oil I learned recently :)

    Diesel engines were originally developed to run on peanut oil. But it was so expensive that the oil companies developed a synthetic peanut oil - we call it diesel :)

    Strange but true :)
  8. packplantpath

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    Exactly. Allergic reactions are caused by proteins, not oils. So, high quality oil is not a problem because there are no proteins.

    But, if I had a peanut allergy, I probably would not risk a bad batch of oil either. Seems marginally risky, I mean we have toys with lead in them, so I'm supposed to trust they got all the protein out of my peanut oil???
  9. ryf

    ryf Fire Starter

    I know 3 people who have this allergy, they were not about to try peanut oil at all, though like PPP said, for them not worth the risk. I would still say if you are cooking for others, not worth the risk. I use it for me and mine, but never for anything leaving the house. you never know who will grab a snack once its out the door.

    sometimes a mild reaction is still terrifying to the person having it, as they don't know its mild until it does not continue to get worse, at this point they are already on the way to the hospital, or hanging with EMT's. I worked with an ambulance company for about 18 months when I first moved to Ohio, this happens with all kinds of allergens. The main issue is if you don't know WHY your having the reaction. the word "Mild" as a clinical analysis doesn't compute the emotions or situational mentality of someone who starts to feel funny at the hospital, and same feelings in your backyard. I'm not disputing the Protien/oil data, as I am not into the science, or the medicine, but the reality is, it isn't worth one bad reaction for the people you are cooking for.

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