All weekend smoke! Tried smoke scrapple.

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Jun 7, 2006
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Well started out Saturday smoking as a thank you to a friend who worked on getting our rototiller running. He likes chicken livers...I took chicken liver and put a chicken rub (store bought) on them and then wrapped them in bacon. I threw them in the little electric smoker with some brat's and onion and pepper sausage. He loved them and handed them out as samples, and everyone who tried them loved them.
Then I pulled the completed sausage and took them down to the VFW to watch the derby. Slice them up as sampler size pieces. Man they didn't have a chance! The brats were especially good.

Sunday, fired up both smokers. Electric smoker contained two tray of bacon wrapped oysters, hot italian sausage links, and a rack of ABT's filled with habanero lime salsa mixed w/cream cheese..Kooker had two beer can yard birds, Jimmy Dean maple, Bob Evans Bold & Spicy, Hatfield Scrapple, 10 pork prime chops (5 rubbed in a cinnamon chipotle, 5 w/garlic red pepper seasoning). Oh and a turkey tenderloin.

The scrapple was excellent!! FYI, if you try it you'll need to set it on something solid, it started to melt through the grates. Fatties were perfect, the chickens came out sooo moist. I overcooked the turkey a bit but it still tasted excellent. The pork chops were over the top, juicy, tender. The smoked oysters were hit or miss, some loved them, others were like eh...Hot sausage was great. Some thought the skin took on too much smoke though. The ABT's were not of the mild persuasion but loved by all but the weakest of tongue. Unfortunately, PC's still down, but getting home soon. I have some porn to download from my last three big smokes.
BTW, my son went away for the weekend so most of this went down to my VFW for food samplers. While down there, guys from a striper fishing trip got back and threw us a filet so it was run back up the house and smoked striper. That came back excellent also!!! Sorry for the long post!
Man, sounds like the kind of weekend I can only dream to have. Not necessarily the foods themselves, (blahh,chicken liver) but the constant cooking and everyone getting to enjoy it with you. That what I think it's all about.
Way to go Shell!

Aren't those Livers great on the smoker! Melt in your mouth yummy! I made 50 of the little bugger a few weeks back and just me and one other girl at work ate them in one afternoon!

How does the Bob Evans Bold & Spicy compare to the Jimmy Dean? They've started selling that here and it's almost $2 cheaper than Jimmy Deans brand. Seeing how Jimmy Deans the only store bought breakfast sausge I ever bought (because everone here likes it) I wasn't sure if I'd like it.

Sure sounds like you had a great weekend!

I had to confer with the hubby as I didn't try a piece...He thought it was good. I asked him how spicy it was and he said he didn't think it was overly spicy...This though coming from a man who could be a taste tester for the scoville scale...
Definitely try it, everybody liked it.

Actually saw your picture of the chicken livers and that's what gave me the idea!!! As for me eating them, not for me. I'll use them to flavor gravy, but that's it...Do you eat hearts? The guy I made them for said next time he'd like to try bacon wrapped chicken hearts!
I think the livers were only like $1.50 for a pint.
smoked oysters,clams,etc are kind a hard.. just do the original shell(open the shell) ,pour beer over it, w/ garlic & maybe a sprinkle of (my taste)crushed red pepper pizza pepper- when it's opaque white & a tooth pick( like poking a cake) comes clean.. it's done. or if it's a clam- throw on the fire when it pops open- pour beer on it wait 5 & it's done.
I stopped reading labels just for that reason ........ That way when I do treat myself to some real 'crap' every now & then I dont feel so bad.
I love scrapple! My next scrapple trick will be to smoke it, slice it, then brown it in some butter, and serve with maple syrup! OMG, I'm making myself drool!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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