All this fatty talk

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Jan 29, 2007
between Columbus/Dayton Ohio
Football fatty ,putting different stuff in it, different rubs on them, where will all this madness stop, stop NEVER HEHEHE, Well my mind got to going wild(thats normal) so I got out my last 2lb. pack of ground deer 3-1lb.packs of sausage mixed it all together , got me a big mound and flatened it out on some waxpaper then the mind went crazy mixed 2 blocks of creamcheese and a can fo crushed pinapple and spred it all over the meat BUT WATE theres more I put a layer of banana pepers on and rolled that up like a pinwheel mashed the ends and put in the frig. for the nite after work I will roll in some rub and smoke I got 4 fattys mmmmm sweet/hot wish me luck
This fatty business is getting out of control!! Someone's gonna get hurt
Please show pics of this monster
I bet that is going to taste awesome. I love hot/sweet food combos.
ok I got the gosm tuned in at 230 smokin and putting in the 4 fattys 2 rubed with cininimon chipotle and 1 with an herb mix and the small one with both rubs here they are ready to smoke this is a meat plater and they are hanging over more pics to come
I'm thinking that with deer/sausage mix I will take it to 190 internal does this sound 'bout rite smokin with hickory and pear smellin gooood so far hope it tastes as good as it looks
thanks again bbq bubba 2.5 hrs.and 160 took them out took a little taste mmmmmmmmm but the pickled banana peppers are HOT and I like jalapinos don't taste much sweat from the pinapple will let you know after it rests for a bit here is the finished pic
ok so it rested and the wife fried some taters and made some pork n beans cut a couple of 5 or 6 in. pieces of the fatty and had a feast sure was good still no taste from the pinapple so I think nextime I will use small chunks rather than crushed and maybe some juice to thin the cream cheese just a bit for the good it was mighty tastey and the wife (hold your ears girls) said it was so good I might get lucky tonite. woooohooo
Glad to hear it was a success!

You'll need a name for that creation... how about "Cowboy's Get Lucky Loaf"...?
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