All-night brisket

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Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
Well, tomorrows dinner just hit the smoker about 15 minutes ago. Got the Doritos ready and the long necks are cold. I took a picture of it before I took it out. If my wife will show me how to get it on the puter I'll work on getting it on here.

So, I guess what I need to know is, who is gonna stay up with me and entertain me all night.
I feel kinda silly replying to my own post. I guess I really am alone tonite. The wife got home and the cable to put the pics on the puter is packed and in storage cause we thought we were moving, so I guess I'm gonna be a disappointment with no pictures.

The brisket is up to 151 already. Kinda surprised, I may have to reheat this thing for dinner. :shock: I figured to be done at about 1 or 2 tomorrow afternoon and put in cooler and take a nap and have dinner at 6. I guess I'm gonna have to hope for a long plateau this time.

I figure much more than 4 or 5 hours in a cooler would be pushing it. Anybody have experience otherwise?
Not alone tonight Ultra. I am a new guy, but at least I am awake!! I am curing my new "dragon" tonight before a full day smoke tomorrow.

I have 10 slabs of ribs and 2 briskets that I am about to marinate now. I wiped the inside of my new smoker with olive oil and dropped in 20lb of kingsford to get some high temps to cure with.

I will hollar back at ya in few after I get these membranes off the back of the ribs.

Good luck on your smoke tonight. Check in with ya in a few.

Well howdy Zardnok!! Glad to see I'm not the only one crazy enough to be burning the midnite lump. I'm still pugging along on this end. Brisket is up to 165 and the chamber is down to 203. :oops: I had a chimney of charcoal not take off, apparently I can't light newspaper. Not to big a deal tonight tho since I'm pretty sure there is no rush.

I'm far from an expert, but I've never heard of curing with olive oil. Did you get that tip on here or somewhere else? I have always heard to use lard so that is what I did. Only cured a smoker twice though. Olive oil would not be near as messy if it worked as well.
Well your lard idea is probably closer to my preferred method. Previously I have always used "bacon" to cure my grills/smokers. I have basically gotten things as hot as possible and then laid strips of bacon across all grates and then taken large tongs and twirled the strips up and rubbed them over all internal surfaces. I have never had a problem using my bacon method, but tonight, I did not have bacon. I had olive oil instead. I have read on the net that any oil will do the trick, but I have always used the bacon grease to seal the metal up. Olive oil has a higher smoking point, so theoretically it will work as well, if not better, than the bacon grease. I am trying to get used to the temp fluctuations inside while also trying to maintain a high temp to keep cure the metal.

I just de-membraned my ribs and am about to do a pork rub before dropping them into a styrofoam cooler. I have 2 gallons of apple juice and a 5th of Jack to soak my ribs in overnight. I will be at the stadium at 8AM to fire up the pit and hopefully have a consistent temp by 9 giving me plenty of cook time prior to kick off.

Time to marinate, check the temps, and get my briskets soaking. Will check back in a bit.
That makes sense on the Olive oil, I didn't have a reason I thought it was bad, just wondered if you knew some reason it might be particularly good. Should coat well and hang on and do the job.

I just did my 180 deg. flip end to end and give it another cherry juice misting. I am 7 1/2 hrs in and at 168 deg. internal. I don't think I said in the original post but it is a 12 lber and I was figuring 16 to 18 hours to get to 190 ish.
Up in Smoke here! I did a pork butt Friday night at 1:00 am, and I pushed the temperatures beyond the norm so it wasnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t done til 7:00 am
at which time I wrapped it in towels and stuck it in a cooler til 4:30 pm. It held to 150°. As long as you keep it out of the danger range between 40° to 140°, I think you are going to be ok. Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m still here, soâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s my family…not so for the pulled pork :roll: And Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll tell ya what…I could chew that meat with my lips! See pictures on my topic Lip Smacking Good! And stick in there!
Glad to hear it Up in smoke because it is done. It hit 170 deg. at about 6 am. I wrapped it in foil with a splash of the cherry juice and took it to 190. Hit that mark about 8:45 am and I wrapped it in two additional layers of heavy duty foil, wrapped in 2 towels, and had a blanket layed in the bottom of the cooler. I thought about going on to 195 deg. but since it was gonna rest so long I wasn't sure it would be wise to go any higher temp than 190.

I'll stick it when I unwrap it and let everyone know the temp it held and total time in cooler. Hope it stays nice cause it was one fine looking brisket. I sure wanted a taste, but figured I'd lose more heat messin with it.
The brisket was in the cooler for almost exactly nine hours and was 135 deg. at about 10 minutes til 6 this evening. It was one of the best ones I've ever done. I couldn't believe how moist and tender it was. I had never foiled one before, and I bet had never cooked one as long as needed to get over the hump and make it really tender. This one hung up at 168 for 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. and then dropped to 166 then finished up quick. I foiled it at 170 and it made 190 in about 2 1/2 hours.

I sure wish I could get pics on here cause it looked as good as it ate. Perfect smoke ring and awesome bark, but I guess anyone can say that without proof. :oops:

This is a great place to learn tips and tricks no matter how long you've been into Q. I think I've learned more reading here than I have in all the years I been burnin bull. Thanks alot for sharing the knowledge and recipes too.
Sounds like you had quite an adventure with your smoke. Sounds like it was well worth it! I'm glad to hear that your brisket turned out so well, congrats!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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