All Cleaned Up!

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
Hi All!

Got home late today and finally got to logging on. Three active spammers have been given the permanent boot. (My personal best for one day!)Wish there was more we could do but for the moment just keep reporting them and we'll keep booting them!

My pleasure, folks! And, Squeezy.......I'll dedicate my first hat trick in honor of your birthday! Many happy returns, Bro! This one's for you!

Thanks Monty, we appreciate your takin care of these spammers in a timely manner.
A spammer can really ruin a good forum. Too bad there are not laws and easy ways to "slam dunk" them such as never ever being able to use a computer again for life.
Sir Monty, I saw the heading "All Cleaned Up!" and I was wondering were you where going. Then I read your post and realized that you were stomping spammers.

Good Job!!
Thanks, Dutch!

Yup! Logged in and found three active threads. Gave them all the boot into the place that they belong....anywhere but here! Great day, that was!


BTW How are you doing? Comfy or in pain?
I was just telling cajunsmoker that my shoulder feels like the fire of Hades is burning in it. Really looking forward to Mondays Doctor appointment. Dang lousy way to spend vacation time!! Got a load of top soil coming in on Tuesday for my vegetable garden, guess I'm going to have to bribe the neigborhood kids into moving dirt for me!!
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