aldi hot dog buns

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Oct 9, 2018
Adi hot dog buns are cut along the top.
Am I the only one to find this strange?
Is this normal for some people?

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The stores around here have them side or top cut.
I just started seeing the top cut ones a couple of years ago.
I kind of like them better because both sides are the same thickness and the goodies you add don’t fall out...
Another advantage to the New England style buns is that you can get a good toasting on both sides of the bun. They're also good for lobster rolls.


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When we visit Judy’s brother over in Sarasota on Lido Key. He always takes us to the old casino on Sundays for New England lobster rolls. They have them on sale on Sundays. The buns are top cut, and boy are they good!!
That's all we buy here in upstate NY. Just had them last night. Chili cheese dogs. We usually use the Wegman's brand.
I guess you lean something new everyday.
Not exactly a hot dog connoisseur over here, but buns have always been side-cut for me.

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