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  1. izmarkie

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    Hey, everyone. Just got a Charbroil Silver and just broke it in.

    I just moved across the country and decided to give my tried and true 22" Weber to my mom. I never did any serious smoking with that, and I had just really gotten the hang of slow cooking with it. I thought I would get something with a smoker box this time, plus more grill area so we could entertain.

    I bought my grill/smoker the other day and put it together today. To season it, I started off with a chimney full of coals and, to my surprise, I couldn't regulate the temperature like I could with my Weber. I figured with this huge grill, I could throw a full chimney in the main chamber and not have it stay too hot. I was wrong, and on top of it, I couldn't get the temperature down. Any help with that would be appreciated.

    So it's going to take some getting used to for slow cooking, but what I really wanted to do with this thing was smoke fish. I've read a bunch of stuff on cold-smoking, and whatshisface expert BBQ guy says he does it in his Weber. I have a hard time believing I could get a temp of 90 degrees max in that, let alone the one I just bought. How is that done?
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    Welcome to the forum! There will be someone along shortly to help you with some mods on you new smoker. Keith
  3. glued2it

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    So what I understand is that want to cold smoke fish and you put your chimney in the cooking chamber and not the fire box?
  4. izmarkie

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    Hmm. I don't intend to move the grill's chimney... I was just talking about my chimney starter.

    But yeah, I'd like to understand how to cold smoke.

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