Ahhhh yes, the blonde

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    A blonde goes into a coffee shop and notices there's
    A 'peel and win' sticker on her coffee cup.

    So she peels it off and starts screaming,
    'I've won a motorhome!
    I've won a motorhome!'

    The waitress says, 'That's impossible.
    The biggest prize is a free Lunch.?'

    But the blonde keeps on screaming,
    'I've won a motorhome!
    I've won a motorhome!'

    Finally, the manager comes over and says,
    'Ma'am, I'm sorry, but you're mistaken.
    You couldn't have possibly won a motorhome
    Because we didn't have that as a prize.

    The blonde says, 'No, it's not a mistake.
    I've won a motorhome!'

    And she hands the ticket to the
    Manager and HE reads...

    'W I N A B A G E L'
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... my wife is gonna kill me, but I'm forwarding it to her anyway... lol.

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