Ahhhh Fall.....BBQing season in central Tn.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by muddy pond, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Twas a chilly morning at 28' yesterday and still the smell of the smoker loaded wit BBs and Butts drew a crowd. Could not ask for any better weather to stand beside a smoker. Turned sunny and all was well. Only wish I had a beer licsense as I would have made a killing ... Oh well as long as the football fans know that I have ribs and butts every Sat. thru out the season the hickory smoke will bring them in and the taste and falling off the bone meat will bring them back.
  2. richtee

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    Sooo what's your deal? You smoke at home? Got a resto?
  3. We have a roadside business. We are in the middle of building an 8 x 10 building and mounting it on a trailer to be completly mobile. We were into the smoking business 20 + years ago and this is just a move into another direction. A resturant is way more than I want to take on at this time as it was a real pain when we were in it back in Fl.
  4. richtee

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    What's the licensing requirements there? They are pretty tough up here. But I could see doin' that kind of thing! Soo..you just serve "to go" hot food?
  5. We are required to have a resturanters liscense and now since the first of Oct. need to be on wheels or a fixed building. We decided we wanted to stay in the mobile mode for a while longer as we are not ready for the resturant mode.

    The laws reuire one to have the normal 3 sink, a hand sink, and mop sink . Also need holding tanks for fresh and gray water along with work area and storage racks and washable walls and floor. Need a power generator and hot and cold water under pressure. It's the state way of forcing one into a lot of spending but as I have been here and done that mode before it all just takes time to get the floor plan approved and then built so one can get inspected to be in compliance. The fee is 210.00 per year and a twice a year visit from the local inspector.

    We serve full butts, pulled pork by the pound or sandwich and only full slabs of ribs. We also sell our sauces and rubs.
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    Looks great, I bet you keep busy.
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    That's some good lookin' Q! Good luck on your build and your inspections! [​IMG]
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    If ya could Muddy, get some pix of the overall setup/equip. Lookin' for ideas...thanks!
  9. RichteeIf ya could Muddy, get some pix of the overall setup/equip. Lookin' for ideas...thanks!

    I will give you pics of the screen room and all that was needed at the time... as things change so will we
  10. richtee

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    Tanks Dude! Rep points to you!
  11. I soooooo want to start up a roadside moblie bbq shack some day. Oh, and the pics of those ribs makes me HUNGRY!
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    those are some huge BB's. Are they 3 and under, or are they larger!

    Looks like ya got it figured out pretty good.

    I noticed the cross hatch on the butts and the sparse rub, do you inject em too?

    Do you turn/flip the butts or not.

    Thanks for the info muddy!
  13. Surprised noone has mentioned your smoker yet. That thing looks like it cost more than my car! probably goes faster too. I 'm not that familiar, but is it a Stumps? I think i saw one similar to that, and I believe thats what its called. Anyways, good luck with the business, i sure as heck would buy some of that grub.
  14. Hey Capt Dan, those ribs are actually loin backs and they weigh between 3.5-4.0 lbs and they have so much meat that the wife and I can only muster one rack between us.

    As for the cross hatching odf the butts it allows them to spread out during the stay in the smoker and it gives a good presentation when pulled fron thre grate and wrapped for the customer. As far as sparse rub the are really rubbed heavily the put into plastic bags fat side down for 24 hrs on ice. We do not turn them as I rarely open the door for the first 8 hours and then just to test the farthest from the heat. Also no injection as I like the taste of tender pork especially since we get all natural pork as it seems to melt in your mouth.
  15. Skinner, thanks for noticing the smoker. It's a powerhouse for sure. It's a Meadow Creek model 125 and is made by the Penn. Ammish ??? not sure of the spelling. It is expensive but for a bus. as we are doing I forsee needing their 250 series some time in the future.

    The 125 will handle 200-250 lbs of meat and has great heat dispersion from one end to the other with a drop of 10-20 degrees and also easy to keep regulated temps within. I can whole heartedly recommend this smoker to anyone that is serious about large amounts of meat smoke cooking.

    The 250 series will hold about 500-600 lbs of meat.
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    WOW both are awsome (food and smoker) I used to travel doing construction and loved to see those road side smokers stoped at most of them sure brings back some memories of good eats on the road
  17. It seems as it may be a time gone by if the regulators have their way about road side and backyard smokes.

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