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Meat Mopper
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Nov 21, 2006
Still workin on the design for my new smoker and saw these.It would take care of a couple of issues that I was dealing with and thought it was a neat deal.
Big Dummy(me) forgot to add the link!Right now I have a GOSM propane unit.But I am leaving provisions in this unit to add wood as a fuel or electric.An uncle of mine used to do it all with wood and I would do it that way if I had the time.Between work and side jobs I try to squeeze in what I can.
Randy,I have only tried the electrics for fish a few times.The units used were a Luhr Jensen Big Chief and a Brinkman and I didnt have the best of luck.My biggest fear is not getting the fish cooked.For the ocean caught salmon I am told that if they are undercooked it is ok.For the freshwater salmon we get from the Great Lakes it is sposed to be unhealthy to eat under cooked.A friend in Mi.has a cookshack and he wont do it any other way.I am looking at trying to piece together the components to be able to use electric in my new unit to see if there is a difference.Another buddy swears by his electric and he smokes a lot of fish but when he tried mine from the propane he says no difference?So until I try it myself I dont know what to tell you,Sorry.Coz
I'm considering the afterburner to try converting my vertical brinkman. I've bought wood from this guy and talked with him about it. I like the idea as I can use propane, but if I had the desire to use all charcoal, I think I still could with this setup. As it is, it's hard to regulate heat well and/or spike the heat for larger cuts. Anyone used the afterburner to convert a charcoal smoker?
Anyone tried the afterburner kit yet? I'm considering this more seriously now so that I can smoke more often and without having to stoke the fire so much. I'm also having a tough time getting the good lump charcoal consistently. Let me know! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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