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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ddave, May 23, 2008.

  1. ddave

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    Well, I ordered my Afterburner yesterday and it is on its way. Unfortunately since I am in California and it’s coming from Alabama, it won’t be here until Tuesday, June 3rd. Tuesday to Saturday seems too long a wait for me to break it in. May have to take a vacation day and do a midweek smoke. Although, technically it is a Father's Day present so will have to work out a wrapping/unwrapping time for the kids.

    Since decent charcoal is so hard to find around here (I can get all the Cowboy I want from Lowes) and I have small kids who like to run around barefoot on the patio where I smoke, and due to the fact that I have an incredibly dry board fence close by where I smoke, and it seems like the damn wind blows all the time in my backyard (don’t want flying embers from popping charcoal in the chimney to ignite the fence) I decided to go propane. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? I’m just lazy. Well, not really but maybe a little. I am looking forward to monitoring the level of cool beverage in my glass instead of the level of lump in my charcoal basket though. I have a ton of respect for you guys and gals that can pull off 12 to 14 hour smokes with charcoal and stick burners though. [​IMG]

    I will have to do one more charcoal smoke though since I still have 2 and a half bags of WGC Weekend Warrior that I mail ordered – at $1.29 a pound. The day after I ordered it I found out that I could get 40 pounds of Lazzari Mesquite for 13 bucks. Hoping to do some babybacks this weekend if the @#$%^& wind ever stops blowing. [​IMG] We’re having 30 mph gusts today and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Perhaps a nice “farewell to charcoal” smoke for Monday, I am hoping. [​IMG]

  2. Dave, Don't go to the other side. Stay with the There just is something different about the taste of food when its cooked over charcoal.

    For the last 20 yrs I've been grilling steaks on my gas grill. Well, last night I made a charcoal fire...and threw 2 porterhouse steaks on and let me say they were soooo good[​IMG] . Gas is great when you don't have a lota time.....but for flavor you just can't beat charcoal whether your smokin or grill'n. My .02 worth.

  3. blacklab

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    lol kinda funny.
    When I was a kid all I new was kingsford grilling and such. When I was old enough to get my own place, I got gas. (not flattus) [​IMG][​IMG] . About 10yrs ago I reverted back to charcoal and been a happy man since.

    Enjoy your new toy [​IMG]
  4. coyote

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    that is funny..I like to monitor the drink level a little also..But am not going to give up yet on the ole blackdog..
  5. richtee

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    Heck I'm geting ready to install an antenna on my roof...'member those?
  6. acarbone624

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    I got a gas grill when I bought my house 8 years ago. Recently I started using a charcoal grill and everything tastes sooooo much better. I'm not going back to gas!
  7. ddave

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    I hear you guys and would agree about gas "grilling" instead of charcoal "grilling". But with the smoker, I will be adding hickory chunks (or some other wood) for smoke flavor.

    Although you guys are tempting me to take out the tuning plates and put in the charcoal tray and fire up some charcoal for some steaks. Just happen to have some steaks in the freezer. If the weather doesn't calm enough to smoke, maybe I will do that.


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