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    I have a small place, and we are going to add BBQ to our menu. I've been trying different ways of smoking meat for awhile and know what i want to do. My question is what is the best way to keep your smoked meats for serving after they are done. Should it be refridgerated and heated as orderd, or kept warm in some way like a small steam table or something. any help would be greatly welcome. thanks, and by the way this place has been a great help.
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    Everything I have seen on here people tend to vacuum seal everything...that way your not losing any flavoring or are subject to freezer burn.

    As far as serving....and I cant speak for everyone or speak as a pro cause I am not, but the best Q PERSONALLY is fresh served...same day stuff...maybe start off serving it one day a week...on a weekend...that way you can smoke all weekend and see how it pans out.

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    I would vac pack everything. For pulled pork you could do so many pounds at a time and keep warm in a roaster or steam table, you will have to decide how many you think you can sell a day. After heating up you can add a bit more finishing sauce to help keep it moist. Same with beef. It should warm up just fine. Some say, the meat is better after a day or so as the flavours have had time to blend. Good luck.
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    Hey gbarton21 welcome to the SMF! Stop by roll call and introduce yourself. Sign up for Jeff's free 5 day e-course you won't be disappointed. Plenty of folks here to help you along the way. Glad you found us.

    Foodsavers are great for storing smoked product.
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    what he said
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    gbarton21, it sounds like your are already in the restaurant business. For pulled pork or chopped brisket points, keep them on a steam table and add beef or chicken stock once in a while to keep the meat from drying out. Brisket flats keep whole slice it as you need it-same thing if you're going to slice pork butt. Keep the ribs whole and wrapped but not too tight just to keep them from drying out.

    As for storing leftovers or storing meats for future use, ^ these guys have given you some good advice.

    Please take a moment and go up to Roll Call and tells us a bit more about yourself and your place.

    Check out our section on side dishes, might give you some ideas for your place.

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    Hey G. Welcome to the forum. I see everyone has already give you great advise.

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