After much consideration.....

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Jul 19, 2007
Van Buren AR
After a week of reading everything I possible could, asking around ( both on here and friends that smoke) I have come to the conclusion that the GOSM is probably the best fit for my situation at this time.The electric in my house would be seriously strained with an electric, and 4 kids dont allow alot of time to "tend the fire" so to speak.

To avoid an immediate upgrade, I have decided to go with the bigger GOSM since it is only $60 higher than the smaller version. I am gonna go shopping here locally this weekend, if I cannot find it as cheap as I can get it online. I will order one monday.

I have heard very few bad reviews or comments about these and have decided that gas is definitely a better fit for me than charcoal or wood.
I greatly appreciate everyones input and help, even though some of you didnt even know you were helping.

Here I come with both barrels blazing!!!
My GOSM will give me about 24 hours at a bit less than half throttle which is where I maintain 230F plus or minus a couple. But do it right and buy two tanks. I have a pair of forty pounders dedicated to my smoker.

Good luck and I support your excellent choice!

OK question # 3243344 - How hard would it be to convert to Natural Gas? Then I could simply plumb it into my gas from the house and not have to worry about bottles goin empty mid session
The only difference would be changing the orifice size on the GOSM. The problem that may arise comes from the plumbiing codes. That unit is considered a temporary, non stationary unit and may have to have a rather expensive licensed plumber do the install involving a properly protected outlet to the unit.

Once again!!!! Buy two tanks!

About 2 times as much or a little more. It is double walled as well so it would be a little better insulated. Great Outdoors no longer makes it in stainless. The same thing although is sold by Vermont Castings in stainless.

The GOSM is a good smoker and a good choice it sounds like for your situation. Save some money for meat and buy it in black.
Good choice NI. Nice smoker with plenty of size you'll enjoy it. Check out the suggested Mods and you'll be a happy smoker!
Nobody around here has one on the shelf. Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, Academy Sports & Outdoors, havent been able to locate one at all. Closest is Academy who had a Camp Chef Smoking Vault that was smaller for $149. Is that a comparable unit, other than the size?
I have converted several gas grills and fish cookers to natural gas. it's as easy as installing a ball valve, and for the same money as two 20# cylinders, a quick couple that's made specifically for the application. Any plumber should have a book to tell you what size to ream out the orifice to(usually about twicethe size, but be orecise or you'll have a reak dirty flame).

The only other thing to consider is that if the GOSM has a high pressure butner, and I don't know if it does, it won't work at all with nat. gas.

Think about it. you'll never have to haul around a tank, and your fuel cost will be next to nothing.

Drop me a PM if you want more info.

Oh, and buy the GOSM

One last question. I have heard many cases of "Quality Manufacturers" putting their "lesser" quality products at walmart, and have seen it to be true on some things. Is this the case with the GOSM?
Due to a recent thread that you may not be aware of, it would be good if no one responded to that question. The thread caused a bit of an uproar.

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