Advice request on hindquarters and another smoke

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  1. dmack

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    Heading out on a fishing trip later this week. I plan on bringing plenty of meat.Tomorrow I want to do a bunch of chicken hindquarters. I'm planning on brining tonight and then smoking tomorrow. Anything I need to know about smoking hindquarters-do you recommend skinning them? Should I flip them part way through? Anything else you think might help. I guess I plan on just using olive oil and some lemon pepper right before the smoke.
    Also, I will be doing a brisket and pulled pork to take with. I want to do them at the same time (not with the chicken). I suppose I need to pick up another thermometer one for each. Now the juice I usually use is from my water pan and the foil. This time the juice will be coming from both the pork and brisket-should I just use the juice from inside the foil? Again any tips on my first 2 meat smoke would be appreciated. By the way I use a GOSM widebody.

  2. erain

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    olive oil and just plain season all is super great as well on the ckn 1/4s!!! alum foil pans under the butt and the brisket. you want to catch all the drippings from the brisket, i made a finishing sauce with some broth and ap cider vinegar.
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    Your fishing group may never get a pole in the water if you take to much good grub. Good luck.
  4. ronp

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    I don't, just to keep in the moisture. Leave skin on and if you want to crisp them up throw them on the grill for finishing.

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