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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by outtathyme, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. outtathyme

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    Hi, out there-I just bought a new Little Chief smoker and have never used a smoker before.It has come with very limited recipes and directions.All of the smoker recipes I've found are based on a temp of 225 deg.But mine only goes to 170.Any advice how long I should smoke a chicken quarter for? or how long per lb at this temp?thanks for your help!
  2. fishawn

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    I have had a few little & BIG Chiefs, and they worked great for Salmon & have smoked a lot of different things in them & finished in the oven or a bbq for higher temps. I used to also put the cardboard box over the smoker to protect from the wind & get a little higher temps. I don't think the manufacturer would suggest this[​IMG] but everyone I know that had one did it.......My suggestion: Use the Chief to infuse the smoke & finish on a grill (even put wood chips in a aluminum foil pouch on a burner & get more smoke) or finish in the oven. Good luck!
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    I personally do not have one of these smokers. But I can tell you do not use the factory thermometer. They are rarely accurate. Get yourself a digital one or two.

    Second, head on over to Roll Call and introduce your self. Give us an idea of who you are.

    3rd If you search in here, you will find just about a recipe for anything.

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