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advice on some short smokes


Joined Dec 4, 2006
I get home around 3:00pm and would like to smoke some meat for dinner that day. I am looking for some advice on what i could cook that would not take too long to smoke. Could i bump up the temp on some things to cook them faster. I have an electric smoker so i could set a timer to turn it on before i get home so when i get home it will be hot and ready to put something in. Thanks!! Kevin


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Salmon definitely. Actually any fish, but salmon is delicious smoked and glazed. (check the recipe for Dutch's maple glazed salmon) The first time I smoked I put some thighs and legs in, I can't recall definite times but it was relatively short compared to bigger pieces of meat. A pork tenderloin doesn't take that long either...You should be able to find detailed descriptions in the different threads.


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How about smoked chicken quarters, potatoes, and smoked corn.. most of a meal all in 3 hrs or less. Or a whole chicken in approx 4 hrs, Meat Loaf in about 3hrs .. depends on how late you want to eat.

edit: use the Times/Temp. Table from the Smoking Links area on the left side of the page to help you figure out some times

P.S. the salad isn't that great smoked

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how about a beef roast? a small one doesn't take long. i would go for the smoked meatloaf myself though. make up the meatloaf before you go to work and put it in the fridge. when you get home put it in the smoker. for a real treat, put in a batch of dutch's wicked beans at the same time. after 3 hours you have a nice meal. could put in some potatoes at the same time, too. let us know what you decide on.


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Smokehouse as for me, i'd for sure go for the smoked meatloaf with some of Dutch's baked beans, and while you are at it throw is a couple of fatties that way can have them for breakfast the next morning. Someone brought up the idea of smoking a couple of burgers, i have not given that a try yet but figure i'll give that a shot soon. Also go thru all the recipes on here and i'm sure you'll find more stuff that can be smoked in just a couple of hours.



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I did a 1.25 pound chuck roast in a little over three hours this weekend. You could smoke it for a little while to get the flavor and then foil the speed up the time somewhat.

Also, smoked pork loin chops can be done very quickly by smoking standards.


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I'm thinking fish, or chicken parts, or meatloaf, or steak ...

Here's a cooking chart you can download for times and temperatures:


Time-Temperature Chart


larry maddock

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thin smoked pork chops--in pre heated smoker---2 hrs at most

1 lb turkey legs--pre heated smoker--3 hrs


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I got some boneless skinless chicken breasts and some fatties ready to go. Fatties are a given now. I did a couple fatties the second time i smoked food and now i am hooked. Most of the time the wife and I eat them right away. I don't know if i will ever be able to save them for breakfast. Not sure how long the chicken breasts will take at around 250 degrees. The breast are half to three quarter inches thick. I will finish them off on the grill if they are not done when i am ready to eat. Thanks for all the suggestions. Kevin

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