Advice on smoking ribs

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Sep 11, 2006
Lenexa, KS
I am new to smoking and bought a Masterbuilt Electric smoker. I have tried smoking some pork baby back ribs twice and have not been to pleased. The first time was pretty bad, felt like I was eating a piece of hickory wood. Realized the first time I had way to much smoke.
Also, my ribs were opaque/pale on the inside, not the pink I was hoping for.

The second time I switched to Mesquite chips and didn't get the overpowering smoke flavor this time. The ribs tasted okay but still had the opaque/pale color on the inside.
I cooked the ribs at 225 for three hours, the first two hours with mesquite chips. Removed the ribs, wrapped them in saran wrap and foil and cooked for another 2-3 hours at 180. I used a meat thermometer and the ribs never got over 185 for an internal temp.

Any ideas on why the rib meat is opaque/pale and not pink?

Thanks for any advice, appreciate your time.
Please read all you can on the 321 method in this forum. I have the same smoker that you do. I use apple and just a bit of hickory because the smoker we have is so airtight the creosote problem can raise its ugly head real easily. Basically, I cook the ribs until the bones are showing about 1/4 inch from the meat, Then wrap in foil adding apple juice from a sprayer and cook with no more smoke for an additional 1 and 1/2 hours. Then unwrap and dry them out in the cooker for 30 minutes and
wala! good ribs!

In my opinion you will not be satisfied with the Masterbuilt Electric smokehouse without doing some modifications.

SEE MY POST: Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse in the electric smokers section!

Don't get discouraged yet and stay away from the nutwoods and mesquite until you learn to tame the thing. It will work for you but a little experimenting and patience were required for me to be happy.

Notice how little wood I use in my post on Modifications to this unit. Work your way into how much wood to burn. Don't try to work your way down!

If I can be of help to you just post again


There are 2 other posts specific to your smoker you may want to read

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You said that you saran wrapped them and then put them in foil before putting them back on to cook. I don't think you want to put them in the plastic wrap before putting them back on the grill, just make a packed out of the foil add a little apple juice, seal them up and put them back on the smoker. I think the plastic may be part of your problem, but I am new so take my advice with a grain of salt.

After a second read of your post it says you put them back on at 180. You may want to put them back on at 220 for a couple of hours in the foil, then pull them off and put them back on at 220 for 30 minutes to an hour to firm them up a bit. I think the reason you can't get your meat temps up is the fact that you are bringing your heat down too much. Again the warning about my advice and being a newbee myself.

Good luck,

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