Advice on First Smoke

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Original poster
Dec 4, 2006
Sterling Heights, Michigan
I am new to smoking. I am getting my smoker next weekend for the hoilday. I am looking for some advice on what i should smoke for my first time smoking meat. What is the easiest thing to smoke until i get some experiance with my smoker. I am getting an Brinkmann Electric Gourmet smoker. I live in Michigan so i will be smoking in cold temps. I am in the process gutting an old little frig and cutting off the top so i can put the smoker inside so can maintain heat since it get cold here in the winter.
My first smoke was a boston butt (aka pork shoulder). I belive it is a good smoke to break in the smoker.

Rub the butt and smoke at 225* until the internal temp hits 145*, then wrap in foil until the butt hits 195*. Then place in a cooler for an hour.

Pull and use the finishing sauce recipe on the pork board.

Lots of good rub recipes in the BBQ Sauce/Rub board.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

Total time will be about 45min per lb plus 1 hour. So, start with a small butt.
if I remember my first time was ribs and a brisket. Big waste of money. I would agree with the Pork Butt, or even an easier cook. FATTY. You can smoke these while you are seasoning your smoker.

My other bit of advice, READ, READ, READ and ask questions here on the board. There are plenty of people who will help you out. The information is here, and we do not mind helping you avoid our rookie mistakes.
i am a firm advocate of Pork loin. their cheep (on sale for 1.79 per LB.) and they cook in about 3.4-4 hours and are soooo good.

my first smoke was chicken and was a mistake. for me, but i use wood/charcoal.

the butt is an excellent idea but it takes a lot longer 12 hours or more, and for my first smoke i wanted to reap the benefits quicker then that.

a fattie is a must, cheep and quick ($2.50 and 3 hours)

when it gets cold you can use an old blanket to keep it warm, i would keep it up a little off the heating element area but it will work.

however, it is important to rememeber never to use too much smoke, but too little is just as bad.
I would go along with the Boston Butt. Hard to mess up.

I also second the READ, READ, READ.

Hope you have a smokey weekend!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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