Adventures in a Super Bowl Brisket

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Jan 24, 2007
So here it is, Super Bowl Sunday. If it were not for my love of Que and my new found love for smoking myself I would be sleeping. Anyways, here goes.

2 nights ago I brought home the brisket (albiet a small one - 5lbs) and slathered with mustard and put on my homeaid rub. Let sit for what we will call 48 hours in the fridge. Last night (6 hours ago) soaked the chips. 15 mins ago put the brisket into a ready and waiting smoker. Now at the moment it is very frigid here in Denver so the smoker topped out at around 185 - 190, but I think the outdoor temp should come up enought in an hour or 2 to help raise the internal temp a little.

Here are a few pics of my current progress. I am utilizing the famous tooth pick method to help me find the grain when it is slicing time. That dry spot on the top is were I added more rub this morning to a light spot.


Looks good. :D

A little bit cooler smoker is better than a too hot smoker IMO when doing a brisket. Lets the meat take it's own sweet time. 8)
Good Luck on the Brisket.
I sure hope it gets done in time. You will be cutting it close.

A few weeks ago I started one at 10 am and it plateaud at 140° forever. By 6pm it wasn't ready and I didn't get it up to temp till 8:30pm.

I am also smoking a brisket, turkey breast, and some sausage to be ready for kick-off. I'm hoping to get the brisket off to rest by 2 or 3 at the latest. I started it at 4am :shock: .

I put the 3lb turkey breast on at 10am and the sausage will go on at noon.

I just worried about the brisket mostly. I want it too rest for 1-2 hrs before heading to my friends for the game.

Good luck. I'm going to try and get some pictures of it all and I'll post them for the guys and gals that helped me out.
Looks like your off to a good start jmastera. I hope the temp comes up a little for you and you get finished up in time. Keep those pics coming and let us know it goes.
well I had to mine in the oven.
I got it up to 175* in the smoker but I stuck in the oven to get it up to 190* while foiled.

I have to leave the house by 4pm so I wanted to rest at minimum an 1.5 hrs including travel time. I also have a turkey in the smoker and I had to crank it up a bit to get it to 180*.

I cranked the turkey and put the beef in the ove at about 2:15. Plan on getting everything resting by 3pm.

Good Luck jmastera and have fun.
So I was a little sauced by the time it came to slice the brisket so I forgot to take pictures.

After the meat hit 190 I pulled it, wrapped it in foil and a towel and placed it in a cooler for about 1.5 hours. Then I sliced. The tooth pick method works great saw exactly which way to slice and it came out really tender. The one thing I noticed is that I didn't get the smoke ring I was expecting, but it still had that smoky flavor I love.

As a test, after I pulled the meat I left it on and left the probe inside. The probe temp shot up to 244 degress almost immediately so I figured either the temp gauge on the smoker is off or my digital thermometer. I called my brother and had him bring his thermometer and tested his and it still showed 240+. I contacted OLP and they are sending me a new temp gauge. Great customer service, I emailed them and got a response back within 15 minutes.

Only 2 smokes in and I think I am getting the have of it. Both have turned out as well as I expected for me being a beginner, probably because I am a perfectionist. I am going to do another brisket next weekend, going for a bigger cut - probably 8 - 10 lbs. I will remember not to drink as much so I can get post smoke pics.

Thanks everyone.

I still love my Bears - Go D Hester!!!!!!!!
jmastera -

Tis the quest for the perfect Q! No matter how good it is - you just know you can do better next time ... Keeps the addiction going!

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