Add'l Racks for my GOSM

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Sep 8, 2006
Casa Grande, AZ
Anybody know where can I buy more racks for my GOSM smoker? Mine came with 3 and there are 4 slots. I also want to get some fine mesh type for some appetizer type treats so they don't fall through the wire rack... Anyone have a source?

Been wondering about an extra rack myself...maybe in the manual that came with your unit might have a number to call for extra parts... as far as a fine mesh... look in the bbq isle at wally world...they have throw away grill saver screens...use them all the time now to put a pic up...but if ya need one...I'll get one up after work today...
or you could take a piece of expanded steel and cut it the proper size, lowes is cheaper than HD for that, gives you an extra rack and is good for appetizers
teacup 13 offers a good alternative. Expanded metal has always be the grating material usually chosen for home built smoker and has always worked very well. I may be concerned with sagging if using expanded metal in a Big Block because of the extra width but expanded metal should work fine as grating in the other GOSM smokers for sure. Probably cost less too.
Probably cost just as much or more for the heavy expanded metal as OEM racks and you stand a better chance of scratching the plating off you rack holders.

I ordered an extra rack for my Smoke Vault and it was only $14 - now I have 5 racks in there!
yes as stated above, you can buy another rack, then you can buy the expanded steel for your appetizer tray so things dont fall through the rack is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.