Adapting oven recipes for use in smokers

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Jun 18, 2007
Hi all - as I posted in Roll Call I am very new to smoking and am about to jump in with the Old Smokey Electric that I received for Father's Day.

Are there any rules-of-thumb to keep in mind when adapting oven recipes for use in smokers? For example, I have an oven brisket recipe that I use where I bake the brisket at 275* for 1.25 hours per pound. Will this recipe transfer over to the smoker as is?

How about for other meats? Same thing?

Thanks everybody!
Your pretty close, you want to be at 225 to 250 and works out to about 1 1/2 hrs. per pound but always use a therm. for internal temp to play it safe. good luck and keep us updated
225 - 250 degrees will work for pretty much anything, and I agree, a thermometer is a must for checking the internal temps. The time guidlines are just that .... guidelines !!! The thing about Que to remember is that it's done when it's done. Don't rush it. Good luck and welcome to SMF
Agree with the temperature suggestion. Read the many briskett threads, DON"T GET NERVOUS WHEN IT PLATEAU'S!!! Just let it go, it's just settling in for a spell, when it's ready, it will do it's thing and get to temp...
I have no idea. :-) I didn't even know about "the plateau" until I started reading this forum!
just about anything cooked in the oven can be done in a smoker, (just dont use the wifes fancy baking dishes) with or without smoke its basically an oven. I even did a frozen pizza a few times. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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