Acurite meat thermometer

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 16, 2006
NW Arkansas
Hi Everyone,
You may want one too!!! :D I have always used the "leave in the oven" thermometers...Now I have an Acurite digital thermometer that I picked up at Lowes for 16.97...what a deal. Using it today for the first time. So far things are looking good. It came with the standard 3ft lead to set the unit outside the smoker. Ya need to grab a couple of AAA batteries for it. I am liking the idea of not having to open the door to check temps.
I rubbed down an 8 lb Boston butt shoulder roast and threw in there at 5 am. then my first JD maple fatty at 5:30am...

Have a great weekend!!

This is my last try for a picture....
Hey, swalker

I bought the same thermo a couple weeks ago. When I brought it home I put the probe into a pot of water when the water boiled the thermo read 210 deg. (Water should boil at 212 deg. no mater how long it has been boiling) I turned the heat off for a 1/2 hour and turned it back on, when the water boiled it again read 210 deg.

This is a great thermometer for the price. I have mine in my brand new GOSM :D :D at this moment doing the initial burn, And playing with the temerature controll.

Morning deer meat,

Thanks for the information. I didn't test mine with the boiling water, but will have to once I am done with this roast. Hopefully mine will only be off a couple of degrees too...I can live with that. I may stick one of my other thermometers inside the oven just to see if they match up...
Good luck with your smokin!!!

Yeah, they are good little probes, you can pick them up at wallyworld for $13. Does yours have the little magnet on the back?
Hi Carl,

Yes it has a stick on magnet that you apply to the back. Here I live in the home of Walmart and they had no digital thermometers in stock..Can you believe it...

Thanks, Steve
Hey Deer Meat ,Sorry to tell you this but water does not always boil at 212 degrees. The higher the altititude the lower the tempeture that the water boils at. This is why pressure cookers cook faster. You can cook at a higher temp with out the water boiling off.
Try cooking a pot of beans in Telluride,Colorado at a slow boil and after 2 days they are still hard because the heat is too low!. Rat
I fired up a pan of water and when it started boiling, my thermometer was reading 208 degrees...That I can live with....The boston butt I did today reached 165 degrees and I foiled it. At 195 I took it off and let it set a bit. It pulled very I am happy with the new thermometer..

Thanks for all the info...

Hey rat I know the difference in elevation and boiling points change but I noticed that swalker lived in arkansas so I did not get into all the science of it

deer meat
i got 2 taylor digital wireless thermometers
on ebay 38.00 including shipping.
best invesment i've made yet
Hi Denez,

That was a heck of a buy...But I am curious, did you test them against boiling water? I think mine should probably boil right at the 212 mark...I put my probe in the water and at boiling it was reading 208...But still I feel for 17 bucks I can live with the 4 degrees off...Now if it gets worse, I will start to be concerned...
Either way, we all know we have a better turn out, knowing the internal temperature...The "leave in the oven Acurites I have used in the past were OK, but it is nice not having to open the door to check.
good Luck smoking!!!

yes i checked them rapid boiling water both at 210
and i always remove the batteries,i only smoke 2-3 times a month
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