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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 25, 2007
Columbia, S.C.
OK guys, and gals I need your expertise. I am expected to bring some ABTS to the office tomorrow, oh yeah I retired June 29 got bored after a month in a half, and went back three days a week. Anyway I digress. I have never done ABTS before, and need to know if I understand what to do. I've almost finished cutting, and coring out the peppers. I have the cream cheese, bacon, and even some crushed pineapple for a few. I plan on smoking them for 2 hours using mesquite, and then chilling them overnight in the refer.. I know that this will cause the bacon to soften, but don't know any other way. My question after a long post is am I on the right track, and can anyone give me some more insight?

Sounds like a good plan, time is relevent, cook till bacon is done and watch you don't burn the bottom end of peppers.You can stuff with what ever you desire, my useally start as the same as what you got planned. Good Luck
J -

Just throw them under the broiler in you over for a few minutes before you bring them to work and they be fine - it'll crisp up the bacon again. Get it good and hot before you put them in. I heat mine in a tiny toaster over at work. that works well if you have one.
If you warm them in the microwave you will crisp the bacon but turn everything else to mush. If thats your only option, itll work.
when i take them to work, we use the nuker to heat them up. everyone likes them and there is never any left over.
Got'em on at 8:30 pm. Using mesqiute.
Now I like spicy foods as much as the next guy, but the guy who supplied the peppers from his garden included some habaneras, and these puppies are hot. Coring them out was an adventure in itself.
Blasted weather is trying to dampen my spirits, but I shall smoke on. Right now it is thundering outside, but so far no rain. I do not have a covered patio so it's going to be interesting how to keep the rain out of the smoker if the the bottom falls out.
I will not eat those things. The guy who supplied the peppers will have them all to himself, and anyone else who feels froggy.
now those are some good looking ABTs. i use mesquite on mine, and when we heat them up at work, the whole breakroom smells like bbq. of course, i also have some brisket heated up too, but i do the ABTs first, so everyone can start enjoying them while i eat my brisket.
actually i usually take some brisket for everyone to eat too. usually is the key word, not always.
Well folks I took the ABTS to work today, and I did get to eat three out of around 40, but I gotta tell you those guys that ate the Habeneros have got to have iron stomachs along with dead butts, because as I stated before I will not, and did not eat any of those. Can't wait until tomorrow to see how many call in sick.

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