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Jul 17, 2007
Ogden, Utah
I am wanting to try some ABT's on my next smoke. What is a good filling? What kind of peppers are they?
Usually jalapeno's, but you can use any you want. Stuffing is usually cream cheese but again, use your imagination,wrap with bacon and smoke for a couple hours.................good stuff

sorry for putting this post in the wrong place. I found the side item section after I posted.
ain't the bacon wrap pork ??
i use cheddar, monterry jack, pepperjack, colby, or colbyjack for a stuffing, as i hate cream cheese. sometimes i add pepperoni or diced ham. i use jalapenos. you can use any pepper you want. i got some tam milds and some banana peppers from my bro's garden yesterday i am going to use this weekend. at my local h.e.b. they have hatch new mexico peppers for $0.99/lb right now. i want some of them. they have hot and mild. anyone used them? i could have sworn i saw a thread here not too long ago about the hatch peppers.
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