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Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
Made them yesterday for the first time and I now think they should be their own food group! I have had them before but this was the first time I made them, a little time consuming but was pretty easy to do. So now I'm thinking of other things to do. I just had cream cheese with some McCormick steak seasoning mixed in cause I made them at work and that was all the spices we had. I want to try some smoked chicken in the pepper and then the cream cheese on top of that, also try mixing in some shredded pepper jack with the cream cheese. I also think a few on top of a big hamburger would be pretty darn good. So what are some of your favorite things to do with ABTs?
My favorite then to do with them is to EAT THEM !!!!!! I sometime fill them with saugsage(?) and cream cheese, with some greated chedder. I use a cookie press with the tube looking tip. A couple of clicks and the pepper is filled with out any mess. I think it's funny how sometime you come across a really hot one. I made some for some of my neighbors once and felt really sorry for her. Man that sucker came flying out of her mouth 30 seconds after she bit into it. TOOOOOOOoo late the burn is there to stay for a while. I told her that I heard that if you eat a little sugar that will stop the burn. There's more for me now.
Thry this;
Cook and season some groundbeef with taco seasoning. Once cooked, mash down all the big clumps to an even consistancy.
Add some cut chives or onions.
Green pepper
Diced tomato
Mix with cream cheese with chives
sprinkle with taco seasoning
fill, wrap, and cook.
The chives, green pepper, and tomato can be substituted with very well drained salsa.
I split mine in half, mix up some chopped fattys, chopped mushrooms and cream cheese then just lay a half slice of pre cooked bacon on top. I like them still a bit crisp not soggy soft.
Great idea about the jerky gun, I already have one!
I dont remember exactly what my temp was but I did turn it up a little and the bacon got nice and crispy.
Hey Mike, that's a great idea! Gotta see if I can get me one of them...

Anyone ever try a strip of anchovie in the middle of the ABT?
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