ABT's, Fatties, Bratwurst and Butt

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 20, 2006
Cooked brats and 2 fatties (1 regular and Hot) for the first time. The brats and fatties had a beautiful smoke ring. The ABT's were great and the Butt is still resting.
I cooked entirely with wood. Started a full chimney of lump and then added wood. Added wood about every 1/2 hour. Still getting the hang of log burning.

ABT's ready to go

Butt and Fatties

Blue smoke!!



smokemaster those are some good looking groceries. I'm getting hungry looking at em. Excellent smoke ring and some good smoke too.

Keep Smokin
Here's the butt pics. The meat wasn't as tender as usual even though I cooked it to 190 internal and let it rest for an hour. I just sliced it. Next time I'll use my rub instead of commercial stuff. Could have been the meat itself?

That all looks great! Good job! Could be, might be an older hog or a athletic hog! Ya never know, meat looks tasty though
Smokemaster that looks great I bet it also tasted great. I think its in the meat seems like the last couple of times the meat was old or something else kept it from being real tender.
That's why I cook my butts to 205. And I never let them "rest." Guaranteed to be tender.
Also if they are allowed to get too cool, they seem to slice better than pull. If I'm slicing, be it butts of brisket, I always cool and slice the following day. If I'm pulling, I always pull while too hot too handle without gloves.
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