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Do you find they melt ok using chunks? It sure would save me a lot of time shredding.
when i pull them out, the cheese is all melted together. so i guess it works good. i never thought about using shredded. if i went that route, i would buy already shredded.
Last time I mixed shredded cheese in thr cream cheese, they came out really oily from the shredded cheese I used...too much oil. When you use cheese, make sure that it doesn't have too much oil in it.
Which cheese would have the least oil? I did notice that when I made my first batch of ABT's, I did mix some shredded cheddar and they did get a little runny.
Some companies add oil to replace the milk look at the ingrediants on the package. Cheese is fatty anyway but it's cheaper to add oil then to go all milk.
I agree with Debi, just look at the ingredients and if it has oil, look somewhere else. I mixed in some mexican blend shredded cheese in my last batch of ABT's and the cheese oozed out all over my smoker. So long as you try to keep away from the oily cheeses you should have nothing but luck with your ABT's. Also, if you let your fatty rest a while to let the cheese cool a bit, you should minimalize oozage
What qualifies as a high temp cheese? Would that generally be a hard cheese like parmesan? or is there a specific list of cheeses resistant to high temps?
I posted this a week or two ago...

Cream cheese, ripe avocado, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients together into a smooth, creamy consistency (I used my wife's Kitchenaid mixer). Stuff and wrap the peppers, smoke at 300 for an hour or so... or until bacon is done.

Not your normal ABT, but that avocado gives them a nice flavor. After I mixed it all together, I asked my wife to taste test the filling. She went nuts over it, telling me to use it as a dip instead!

Debi, did you try the artichokes yet?
Navyfe I too have had the Idea of Pineapple so I put some with creamcheese in a fatty the first time with crushed . no pineapple taste the next time with the tid bit size (small chunks) very little taste so the wife says to try mixing some of the juice with the cheese and the pineapple hope this helps good luck
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