Abt Holder

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Apr 21, 2007
Here's a ABT holder I made out of a piece of aluminum about 7/8 thick 5"x12" The legs are piece's of the strips for hold up a dropped ceiling. The holes are 7/8". I mess up one row of holes so it'll only hold 24.
I only questioned because your original post said 7/8" thick, I agree with the 1/8" and will make one, thanks for the idea
On another forum somebody suggested poking holes in an upside down tin foil disposable muffin/cupcake pan. Great idea. D'oh!
BJ's has these little stainless racks full of holes tonight about 18" x 14" for $4.90. I bought one. I'm going to expand about 25 of the holes for ABTs and leave the rest just for smoke. I think it'll be a great meatloaf or mushroom pan too.

inches Opps!
here is pics of my rack i made at work. i took a piece of 1/8" thick steel plate, and made it 12" x 8". i punched 1" holes in it. it holds 35 peppers.

A few years ago I had some left over expanded metal I cut to size picked up 4 stainless bolt and 8 each stainless bolt and washers. Used the bolts for legs locking them inplace with nuts and washers, the rack is still going strong.
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