Aaaach! My Fatty Disappeared!

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by shaman, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. shaman

    shaman Newbie

    Y'all's forum meltdown blew away all evidence of my first fatty attempt!!!

    The shamanic fatty

    I remembered this as I was searching the freezer for the last little bit of it-- I'm serving it up today for lunch.

    Today it's in the 50's. If I didn't have a prior engagement for the whole afternoon, I'd be out there doin' another one.
  2. darrin

    darrin Meat Mopper

    Those sausages look good!
  3. lol that's a lot of cheese !

    Looks good though :)
  4. Do you have recipes for those sausages and or qviews.........

    Looks Good
  5. shaman

    shaman Newbie

    It was my first experiment. We just got done with the leftovers for lunch today. Ymmmmmmmm!!!! It was better than the first time. Yeah, it was a lot of cheese, but it was good. I'll probably cut back a bit on the next one.

    I'm bound and determined now to do an all-fatty smoke. My plan now is to replicate the original shamanic cincy chili fatty, but do it a tad smaller so that the finished portion suits our appetites better-- about 2/3 scale. Then I'll fill up the Char-Griller with about a dozen of 'em and let fly with an all-day smoke.

    Second, I figure I'll use ground venison mixed with cheap Kroger pork sausage and flavor it with my normal breakfast sausage mix. That always comes out awesome on the smoker.
  6. shaman

    shaman Newbie

    For the fatty:

    As I remember, I used a chub of venison breakfast sausage that the processor did for me. I then used a can of Dixie Chili (my Cincinnati Chili) and a lb of bulk mild cheddar.

    For the sausage that accompanied the Fatty onto the smoker:

    . . . . hmmm.. . I know what it was, but I don't have the recipe handy at the moment. I know it came from A.D. Livingston's Sausage. However, it's just a normal breakfast sausage recipe.

    A copy of Livingston is always by my chair, for when my mind begins to wander in long, skinny ways. You need to get a copy of Livingston if you don't have one. I do my venison breakfast sausage with his "A.D.'s Basic " mix as a start, and then I spice it to taste with Lusianne Creole Seasoning.
  7. sixpack

    sixpack Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    I need me one of them there hats.[​IMG]
  8. shaman

    shaman Newbie has them 2 for $10 or so. They're Norwegian Army Surplus. I call mine the "Smelly Norwegian." Mine came still smelling of their first owners. However, I ran them through the wash with sodium bicarb and they turned out nearly brand new. They're the warmest hats I've got.

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