AAAAA two months.....i see no light

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howdy all, just thought i would drop a line and say hello to the friends i have neglected. the move went sorta well, buying a older home that was not lived in for over a year had a lot of problems (like no one could of guessed that). the worst is the yard, talking to the neighbors i discovered it had been not worked on in 5 or 6 years!! sooooooooo many leaves. i will admit it did work out to my advantage, next year i have some of the greatest soil to start a garden in!!!! i had to take some time off as i got poision oak or sumac on the right half of my body and poision ivy on my left. i want to let it calm down, then get back to raking leaves, trimming trees, cutting grass etc, etc, etc..... i only get one day off a week so i only get a whole half day to do good yard work (lots of errands to run with only one day off) since i am not able to work in the yard i thought about fireing up the smoker tomorrow (monday) but i have nothing prepared

any way i pop my head back in here from time to time just to see your smiling faces but am too tired to respond to many posts and aid in conversations. by the time i read the post i would only be repeting what everyone else has said....that is not fun.

but i do mind you........the jester will be full swing...since now i can add home humor to my list of jokes that more of you will understand.
what is an oatmeal bath. how much oatmeal would you need to fill a bath tub? would it not be impossible to clean up afterwards? would it be ok to get vanilla flavored for the aroma, i would only assume the blueberry would be worse to clean.

i have only had it one other time, when i was a kid, and even then i did not itch it. the same applys today. it just keeps spreading, though it has been almost a week so i am hopeing it is running the end of its course.
Blueberrys are okay. Don't use strawberries. They leave a terrible ring on the tub. Also, use lavender and candle light. Your wife will love you even though she won't touch you till it clears. The oatmealis sold at most *****tores in packets. Its basically just the special stop itch stuff in a pack. I got mine from Walgreens. Not very expensive and it work for ivy, oak, sumac, and insect bites.
Heya, Buzzard!

Good to hear from you. Feel bad about the itchy stuff, though. And that product Appleguy53 suggested is an excellent product. During the summer months we do a lot of roadside brushing and clear out under bridges and things like that. Several of the guys have used that product and say it works! Hope you heal soon!

Six years of natural compost in your backyard? Wow. I am struggling to get nore ground ready to plant. I do have a few fertile areas but am trying to develop more. One plus is that this is big dairy and horse country! So there is an ample supply of "ammendments" for the soil. Other than that my land typifies New England soil by producing the most prolific ground!

Best of luck with your new (old) home and may the thin blue always be with you!

Buzzard!!! Nice to see you popping in!! Ain't home ownership wonderfull!!
Hope to see you in the forums more!!
Good to hear from you Buzzard. I now what you mean, it seems spring sprung here all of a sudden this year and there is so much to get done!!

Keep popping your head in when you get the time and hope that ichy stuff stays at bay.
Glad to hear thing are coming along buzzard! Hope the poison gets better. My hubby got a few years back and it kept spreading. He finally went to the doctors for it. What ever he gave him worked great, but he had it so bad that he actually to a few years before the scars disappeared...Don't throw caution to the wind with sumac. One other word of advice, the oatmeal isn't the stuff that you would want to put in a cereal bowl. Can you imagine would that would do to your pipes!!! Probably what instant potatoes would do when you try to flush them down with hot water...not that I would know anything about that....
Hi Buzzard!

Hey if it's been almost a week and still spreading you might need a shot from the doctor. Happens to me at least once a summer.

And if your that allergic to Poison Ivy and Sumac wear gloves if you have to pull bittersweet vines the sap is just as bad a poison Ivy!

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