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    I'm doing two butts to make pulled pork and I love Cattlemen's BBQ sauce; was surfing to find a recipe to make on my own ... not much luck. However, I came across this sitehttp://www.hungrymonster.com/recipe/...Course_vch=BBQ Sauce&ttl=1250 which has over 1200 sauce recipes. Not vouching for the site or the sauces, but this may help someone that's looking for something to try. Now, if I could only replicate that Cattlemen's sauce . . . [​IMG]
  2. You can get Cattlemans at Sams and Wal*mart. Lots of bbq joints use cattlemans as a base for their signature sauces.
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    astrays.com too-and has rubs too I think 800
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    Thanks for the link to all them sauces.
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    Great resource to add to my list ... thanks!

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