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Aug 8, 2006
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I have noticed that in most posts when someone tries to write 250° they are using an asterisk, like this 250*. Well this bothered me not knowing how to make that little degree symbol myself, so I investigated and here it is.

To make the degree symbol hold down on the "alt" key, then on your keypad on the right side of your keyboard push the numbers 0-1-7-6, then let go of the "alt" key, and magically you have the degree symbol.

Hope this was helpful, maybe it can become a sticky
that is how i have been doing it since i joined smf. do not use the number keys at the top of your keyboard- you must use the keypad on the right.
Gee, after all these years, whodduh thunk I'd finally get a degree °°°°°°

Thanks for the tip!
I have saw posted before that you can't do it on a laptop. Mine does it, but only if the "num lock" is set to on. Not sure if this is a standard or some won't do it. I also don't use 0-1-7-6. I hit alt key and hold then 2-4-8 and release alt. There several multiple combos that work to make various symbols. I have a list for these around here somewhere.

I just tried and the method in this post works on my laptop as well. You all may want to try 2-4-8 for one less keystroke. Some others off the top of my head I use regularly are 1-7-1 makes ½ and 1-7-2 makes ¼.
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