A smoking good meal

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 11, 2006
Northwest Washington State

I would like to say thanks for all of the great advice, pointers and recipes. I feel like I have been able to quickly produce high quality BBQ while avoiding many of the classic pitfalls most new Q'ers exprience. The best way I could think of to express my thanks was to produce a day of food that was comprised almost entirely of recipes found here on SFM, the exception is the Pyschedelic Slaw that is from the food network but it is so good it should be on this form, here is a link to it http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/reci..._19782,00.html. As far as the pork goes, it was a 10lb boneless pork butt. After brining it for 30 hours in a maple syrup/salt based brine I rubbed it down with a rub that was made up of olive oil, roasted garlic and pepperoncinis and smoked it for almost 15 hours. Oh yeah I finished with Jeff's finishing sauce. It goes without saying that this meal was a huge hit at the football party and three people offered to split their Salmon catches if I was willing to smoke them for the superbowl. So not only has this forum given me all the great advice it has actually lead to some free Salmon and thats not to bad at all. Enjoy the pics and thanks again. :lol:



In my excitement to post my pics I forgot to post the menu for the day. Also I forgot to take a pic of the Wicked Beans that I also made, just one more great recipe here on SFM.

Breakfast - Biscuits and Dutch's Gourmet Cowboy Gravey

Snack - Other half of the fattie, crackers and some cheese slices

Dinner - Pulled Pork, Wicked Bake Beans and Pyschedelic Slaw
Y2K, you seem to be a fast study. Everything looks great, man the sight of that bark makes me want to fire up the smoker. Keep up the good work. BEAR :lol:
Now there's some fine eatin'! 8) When it's good enough that someone will give up half their catch, you know you're on to something. :D Keep up the good cooking and more pictures like those.
VERY NICE, Michael. Uhmmm- Maybe someone can compile an ebook of recipes that can be sold on the 'net and the monies rasied could go to a worthy charity (besides me :roll: )
mmmm, that does look good.
the slaw looks like a variation on german slaw

i think an ebook would be great.

whos got the comupter knowledge!
and what format would be prefered?
Now that looks like a wonderful menu! Great for the family/friends and I know it had to be a load of enjoyment in preparing all of that. Outstanding! And thanks for the pictures. By the way, Dutch, I scanned through the recipes etc but can't find you recipe for the Gourmet Cowboy Gravy. Can you point me to it please. I'd like to give it a try.

Michael, Thanks for the assist. Fla. Bill, I hope you enjoy it.
Excellent job........you are a quick study!

If I may offer a suggestion: When posting a photo, try to downsize it to around 800 x 600 pixels. That is why it took up so much room on your post. If you don't have the software to do that, there are plenty of them available for free on the net.

That way we don't have to scroll across the page to salivate! :shock:


Very nice job and very nice presentation!

Keep up the good work! Are you sure that you are a newb?!

Well, at the time of that post I was a Newbe in regards to "Smoking". But I know my way around both a kitchen and a camp fire pretty well. I've been fairly lucky because I've got a few things going for me;

1) I grew up in a family where and cooking was one of the primary forms of entertainment; that and hunting/fishing/camping out in the woods. Simple life and good cooking just seem to go hand and hand
2) I was extremely lucky that Miss2K doesn't mind me trying new things in the kitchen that is as long as she gets a taste.
3) Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ve now got a little 2K and all the more reason to learn new things, just to get the joy of teaching him.

It's hard to believe but since that post I've smoked over 100 lbs of pork and beef, 10 chickens, some cheese, a few fatties and made clam bake, that my wife is still talking to her friends about, not to mention the great side dishes, leftovers and loafs of bread. All of that, plus a ton of the great times spent around both the smoker and the dinner table as more friends seem to show up each weekend. Could I have done all of this with out this forum, sure. But would have tasted so good and been done with such ease, no way. So in that regards any success I have with the smoke pit is really just a complement to the over all knowledge of this forum

Oh yeah, this next week, I'm going to finally get to do my very first batch of sausages, just in time to take back to Iowa, we are heading home for a friend's wedding. It will include some Slim Jims, Chorizo, and a bit of Cheech's kielbasa
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