A reason to smoke...

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May 5, 2007
Just thought I'd share with my SMF family... my lovely daughter Stephanie is getting married this Saturday! This is her second attempt at acheiving a lifetime of happiness, I know this will be the one! She seems happy, he is a nice guy... and a bonus... the guy loves to fish and has two boats...

Anyway, this wonderful event brings my sis and family in from Michigan for a long weekend; they have never "witnessed" my smokin' addiction
. I'm thinkin' ribs, one of richoso1's Aloha fatty s, some ABT s and fresh grown veggies from the garden. That should keep us busy all day Sunday...

Stay tuned!
Cool beans! Any excuse to smoke is a good one, but family is the best reason of all!! Enjoy!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Yes, that thought crossed my mind as well...
Congratulations to the happy couple. Here's to wishing them an eternity of happiness together!

Good luck on the smoke, HH. We know you'll do an outstanding job.
Thanks a million y'all... I rilly hope they stay happy for the rest of their lives!

As for the smoke, I offered my daughter and the entire wedding affair be held in my backyard, around the smoker, the pool... she didn't bite.
Oh well...
LOL! Nope, he's just a fishin' guy like me...
Thanks everyone! I'll relay your good wishes to the happy couple!

The one downside to this is she's making me wear a damn tuxedo to the wedding! Ahhh, but I have a plan... I'll be packin' my shorts and Hawaiian shirt for the reception...
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