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deadly diabetic

Original poster
Jun 2, 2007
Hey all,

My name is Josh. I go by Deadly Diabetic because I used to play a lot of video games, especially first person shooters, and I was horrible at them. I am a type one diabetic (insulin dependent). So I put the two together to make fun of myself and kind of keep the atmosphere light and the name stuck.

I am married (6 yrs), have a daughter (6 mo.), and live in Jackson, MS. My family and I moved here so that I could go to grad school. After being in IT for nearly ten years, I choose a COMPLETELY different line of work and am in the fifth year of a six year plan to get my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling. I am blessed to have a wife that supports me while I go to school. I am attending school at Reformed Theological Seminary. It is one of only a few master's level schools in the nation to offer both curriculum and practicum in their programs (in other words they have community clinic on campus that we work in to get our hours for licensure). Lastly, since I'm bragging about my school for a moment, it's the only school in the nation that prepares its graduates for both LMFT and LPC licensing. The downside to that sort of schooling is that they cram as much academic work as they are legally allowed to into a master's level program AND you have one year to get 500 hours of therapy experience, which means my time is limited.

I say all of this because usually I try to be a good forum member and give as many answers as I do questions and try to be involved in community polls and all that jazz but right now I just don't have time. And honestly I feel bad about it. I hate to just use others for their expertise without being much of a contributor myself. So, maybe a year from now when I'm done with my clinical year, I'll be around to post more frequently.

Thanks in advance for all the help that you guys offer. Just by browsing around, I can tell that you are a bunch of incredibly nice people.


And from the DUH Department - I tend to be a long-winded talker. Great for therapy bad for forum posting ;)
Welcome DD -

No problem asking questions is allowed! When you are ready we are here. I understand completely how your studies can get in the way of life - I completed 2 Associates, a Bachelors and a Master in 7 years at night and worked full time days. I know what you mean!

When you have the time we'll be waiting ...
We don't really need to help yo Lisa you know what your doing!

Now if I can only learn to type!
Welcome to SMF DD. Glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to seeing your posts when you get the time. Best wishes to you in your studies!

Keep Smokin

P.S. I've been married almost 21 years now.... What did I do wrong????? J/K. Have a great day!
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