A Nice Surprise

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May 5, 2007
Saturday afternoon, I walked into the kitchen and saw lying on the counter, a package of my pulled pork, cans of tomatoes, fresh veggies and herbs, and some ground beef. Hmmm, I wonder what my bride is up to...

Well, she made the best darn spaghetti sauce (with meat balls) I'd ever tasted! I never would have thought to put pulled pork in spaghetti sauce, but she did. It was AWESOME! If you've never done it, try it!

BTW, sorry for the lack of pr0n...
Nice idea. We do that sometimes also. Other times we will use crumbled sausage from smoked fatties is our sauce. Great taste. We also make chili for sausages and hot dogs using crumbled up fatties. Thanks for sharing.
I put pulled pork in my chili, but for some reason, never thought about using it in spaghetti sauce. Way yummy!
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