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  1. I'm not so sure where to place this thread. I couldn't find a section that was geared towards my thoughts here, so I decided to post here since its for Messages for all Guest and Members. Here goes!

    Coming here to this site was a real find. I spent more then 20 years as a Journeyman Meat Cutter. How about a section on: Cutting Meat, Meat Cutters Exchange (Meat cutters talking to other Meat Cutters and their resources), and above all where one can go in their own area to purchase meat other then going to the grocery store, and buying it at wholesale prices. I think it would be a great section and we can share with others how to look for good meat from not so good meat. At any rate that’s my two cents.
    Thomas [​IMG]
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    Welcome, ThomasYoung! Have you stopped over to the Roll Call thread and posted an introduction yet? That's the place to start at and would give us all a way to welcome you to SMF!

    Pops §§
  3. Thanks Pops, point well taken. I just made my introduction on the Roll Call thread.
    Thanks. Thomas[​IMG]
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    Welcome and have fun. For right now if you wish to do a (how to) thread on meat cutting, toss it under General and I am sure it will be found. Nice to have you heare!

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