A new CT smoker

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Apr 30, 2007
Newtown CT
Hey everyone!

I started posting already but it was suggested i do an actual introduction anyway. I made my first true foray into HOT smoking just last weekend with my purchase of an ECBG electric smoker. I wanted electric to start with so i didn't have to worry about losing my heat source in the middle of a smoke or having to fiddle with charcoal. I seasoned the cooker with some cured pork butt cubes. They didnt come out so well though because i used too much tenderquick and it made them waaaayy too salty to eat.

While I absolutely love Q, my main focus is cold smoking and meat curing. The hot smoker was the first step in building a cold smoker for bacon and sausages, maybe some of my cheeses too. Charcutrie and artisan foods are my absolute passion in life and i spend almost every free minute i have learning and doing some food related hobby or putting my experience to good use feeding my family.

I also am an avid hobby guitarist and have been playing acoustic on and off for almost 15 years now. I also like to call myself a movie buff and can usually be found chopping, diceing or mixing in front of my home theatre watching a movie. During the days i run a website for a real estate company. I also run my own artisan food website and have been a web developer for the last 8 years.

Thanks for reading about me...now get back to your smoking!
Welcome to SMF! ... looking forward to your contributions and helping you with any questions etc.
Welcome aboard Jenson. I ordered a book from the sausagemaker.com I think it was. It's titled charcuterie. Man it is full of information, not just recipes for different types of sausages, by why the meat does this or that. I just can't explain the plethera of knowledge that book contains...I highly recommend it for an addition to your charcuterie collection.
As a matter of fact, i just got that book myself last month. The one on salting smoking and curing. Its a great book, but it could have done a little more embellishment on the details of making the items. It does have alot of great recipes and information about things to do with meat.
Thanks, but how did you find it? I didnt post a link because i didn't want to appear "self-promotional". I bit off a pretty big chunk with that site, but its going pretty good so far. Mostly because i needed the tools i have put into it for myself and others have found them useful as well. I just havent gotten the community going too well yet.
Welcome Jenson, Nice to have you on the forum. Please feel free to share you adventures and to draw from the knowledge of the many friendly folks here.
Welcome Jenson -

I scoped out your site .. very nice! I am also from CT and into making cheese, bread, sausage and beer. Not much of a wine drinker though.
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