A new addition to my family

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t-bone tim

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Feb 24, 2007
N.B. Canada
Well I'm on vacation this week and talked mrs,T-bone into goin for a drive yesterday down to Calais Maine to look around for different things that I cannot get here in Canada,,,well I found some 1 # JD fatties which had to come home for a try and looking around the calais wallmart ,,,low and behold I spied ( the real reason I drove down
),,,this lovely little Brinkman smoke n pit ( not available in my part of the world ) very little choices in the great white north ( as brother Squeezey puts it ) ,,,so in the cart it went to make the journey home and assembly w/mods last night

Congrats !!! I keep showing these to my wife when we are at the stores, but still haven't gotten her approval,.........yet.
That sure is a beauty. You're gonna like her. I love mine. If you raise the charcoal grate in the smoke box on the left side all the way up, and the right side all the way down, it makes a great baffle.
Yep ,,,thanks done that already ( thanks to this forum ) one question ? is there a way of attaching the dryer vent tube and still be able to keep the warming grate at the top ??
I took my warming rack off cause I cant fit a beer can chicken in it with it on. So mine was easy to get the vent to grate level. I remember seeing someone that used a dryer vent and kinda maneuvered it around the rack.
Nice addition brother, looks real nice!

Like you said ... our choices are limited and spread all over this vast country, consequently shipping can be expensive and hazardous to your new baby.
Just use the flexible aluminum dryer ducting. Attach it to the bottom of the stack with a large hose clamp then bring it down over the top rack and fasten it to the bottom rack near the front edge.
Don't want to hijack this thread but I have a question for Dutch.
My stack on the offset is welded flush with the upper side ... any ideas on how I could attach the flex pipe?
Mine 2 Squeezy ...I am going to fix a piece of pipe into the outlet on the inside via screws or a bit of tack weld and hose clamp the dryer hose ,hope this gives you an idea, Tim.
Found this info ... don't know if it pertains to you though .....

1995 Smoke`n Pit Professional and Pitmaster
CPSC, Brinkmann Corp. Announce Recall Program To Provide Free Replacement Smoke Stack For "Smoke`n Pit" Cookers
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), The Brinkmann Corporation of Dallas, Texas is announcing a program to provide free replacement smokestacks for approximately 43,800 Smoke`N Pit cookers with straight vertical smokestacks. The cooker lid may fall suddenly, injuring consumers using the cooker.
Brinkmann is aware of approximately 15 injuries that resulted from a cooker lid coming down suddenly. Most of the injuries involved cuts and bruises to consumers` arms and hands.
Both the Smoke`N Pit Professional, models 805-2101-0 and 805-2101-1, and Smoke`N Pit Pitmaster, model 805-21-1-2, measure approximately 39" high. Both black steel cookers have straight, rather than angled, vertical smokestacks. The Smoke`N Pit Professional`s cooking chamber measures 34.5" long and 16.5" wide and has a 17" long firebox attached on the side. The Pitmaster measurements are the same but it does not have a fire box. Not all cookers have a manufacturer`s identification; any identification is located near the lid handle.
The majority of the cookers were sold nationwide between November 1992 and March 1994 at retail and hardware stores including various Wal-Mart, Service Merchandise and Ace Hardware stores. The Smoke`N Pit Professional sold for approximately $200 to $250 and the Pitmaster sold for approximately $100 to $130. The cookers were packaged in boxes labeled in part "Brinkmann Smoke`N Pit."
Consumers who own Smoke`N Pit Professional cookers or Smoke`N Pit Pitmasters should contact Brinkmann at (800) 675-5301 for assistance in determining whether their cookers are part of this corrective action. Brinkmann will send each consumer a free replacement smokestack which enables consumers to open the cooker lid further, thereby eliminating the potential lid stability concerns.
congrats T Bone, i've got my eye on one here that is a demo.. so it'll be the last to be sold, at a sale price i hope....

if you can get to a plumbing store they should have a insert for a dryer that is ridged pipe .. slide it up in the vent connect flex to it ... of depending on sive of vent a soup can might fit the bill..? just a thought..
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