A little ribby here… A little ribby there… A little ribby everywhere! [Qview]

Discussion in 'Pork' started by buck futta, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Doing a few ribs for my friends Aunt’s birthday tomorrow. It’s only 15 racks don’t judge me! I have to say that I made a few friends at the grocery store earlier when I picked them up. I never knew a cart full of meat could attract the ladies! Not the cheapest at $1.99 a pound, but my brothers 10% discount sweetened the deal a little.



    I’ve got them all thawed and smoking will probably commence shortly after I leave work at 10pm tonight. We’re pulling shifts as these guys have to be ready and on the road by 11am tomorrow. I wish I could be there to help trim but I think my buddy should be able to figure it out, he didn’t quit culinary school cause he sucked more because he got burned out on restaurants.

    Unfortunately I only have the main grill rack in the double barrel smoker, so we’re limited to doing 6-8 slabs at a time. Anyone have suggestions for holding these till morning? Or should we foil and fridge as they’re done then warm them on the grill before we leave for the party?

    I’m pretty sure that we’re doing 3-2-1, at least the ribs that I smoke during the night will be. Sadly my buddy Scotty can be rather stubborn when recommending new techniques to try. The test run I did on Monday turned out so well and he was impressed, I’m pretty sure that he’ll want to use this method.

    I have three 16 pound bags of Kingsford that should get me through the night. I have a 24-hour grocery a few blocks from my house that I can run to if need be. I have a couple bags of hickory and Scotty said he was grabbing some Cherry chunks from ACE too. I figured Apple would be better, but like I said “Scotty does what Scotty does”.

    I’ll get some more pictures up as we progress through the night, it’s gonna be a long one!
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    Looks like its gonna be a good one don't forget the Qview!!
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    Looks like a party is going to happen if you ask me.
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    Ya just gotta hate those after midnight runs to the store. If it was my choice I think I would get the ribs the way I wanted them and wrap then frig um. I like to warm them in the oven so long as they are wrapped well. Then make the trip with the ribs all wrapped up in a big towel and in the cooler.

    Good Luck and happy smokin
  5. A party is surely in the forecast tomorrow!

    Thanks for the tip Tom37, I'll be wrapping and throwing them in the fridge till morning. You think 250 in the oven for about 20-30 minutes will do the trick?

    I think I'm gonna grab another two bags of charcoal on the way home from work, better to have too much then not enough!
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    Yes it sounds like you are having a pretty good size party for sure. You really do need some Qview on this smoke it could be one for the records books. Now the oven does sound like a good way to keep everything warm for atleast a few hours. Good Lucka nd I will stop back to see this one thur.
  7. Little late night update... You know you stayed up just for it too!

    Batch #1 is done!


    A little bit of a close up to make them mouths water!


    And batch #2 ready to go!


    Now I better hurry back out there I hear thunder! [​IMG]
  8. wow!!  nice!!!
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    Lookin' Real Good there BF!

    Keep the Qview coming.

    Stay Cool[​IMG],

  10. We surely made some happy campers today! The ribs turned out great We did not do them 3-2-1 style, just five hours right on the grate. They sure were tasty!



    Unfortunately we could only get 10 slabs done overnight, due mostly to thunderstorms dropping the smoker temp and just made it real slow going. It worked out pretty good since half the people invited did not show up. Which leaves us for our own tasty treats tomorrow.

    A great day for a party too, albeit the humidity. We've had so much rain lately that the river has risen a good 3 feet. You can't tell from the picture, but the water is moving at least 20 MPH.


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    Awesome ribs

    try 2 of these, you can get 18 racks in one shot.

    I just picked up one and its nice... just don't cut the ribs too short.


  13. That would have been nice! We made out alright though. I will be getting something like that in the future for sure!
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    been thinking about a rib rack myself...too  many choices...im sure they are all the same...other than price...
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    I would have to disagree with that, having purchased multiple racks
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    well then tell us what you liked and what you disliked...
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    Here is what I like at

    Southern Steamers

    Just make sure not to trim off to much of the length


    here is what I didn't like

    Brinkman at Home Depot


    Here is what I would have bought if I did not find the on I have now.

    Weber at Home Depot


    The first one is pricey at $40.00, the second is about $10.00

    and the last one is about $13.00
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    thanks man...i typed it into amazon's search engine and came up with a million rib racks...the middle one looks super cheap...the last one is the the weber one isnt it?

    thanks for your reviews...
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    Great looking batch of ribs! [​IMG]
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